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Dual Clutch

Valeo Dual Clutch Range

A History of Changing Gears

Whether wet or dry, Dual Clutches represent exactly what Valeo stands for: history, innovation, reliability, and expertise.

Nothing is left on the worktop when finding new ways to continually improve upon 90 years of progress.

The first clutch Valeo ever made was in 1932. Now, nearly one hundred years later, Valeo has factories in China, France, Italy and South Korea, producing a range of dual clutches which are currently fitted in 4.9 million vehicles around the world.


Clutches for Everyone

When it comes to wet vs dry dual clutches, there is much debate, but both have their benefits and ideal applications.

Valeo aims to respond to the needs of both. Valeo is now in the unique position of selling the exact same range of wet and dry dual clutches to the Independent Aftermarket (IAM) as those fitted as Original Equipment by major international brands.

Dual clutches have become an integral part of the driving experience in cars with automatic transmissions. As automatic cars become more prevalent in the marketplace, the future of the clutch pedal is in doubt, but the dual clutch is here to stay.


The Difference is in the Name

Dual Wet Clutches are termed “wet” because of a constant oil supply that keeps the moving parts lubricated and, thus, cool. Wet clutches are also fitted to a multi-plate design that compensates for the lack of friction resulting from lubricants.

Dual Wet Clutches improve driving comfort by eliminating torque interruption.

Dual Wet Clutches, unlike dry clutches, have no problem producing friction. They are simpler in nature and use a single-plate design, which doesn’t need a pump to provide liquid coolants.


Always Aiming for the Best

Valeo’s aim -as always- is to deliver the best for both types of clutch, and by doing so, continually match the modern consumer’s expectations of a driving experience that is smoother, quieter, and more efficient than ever before.

Valeo’s new Dual-Clutch transmission—featuring an electro-hydraulic clutch and electromechanical shift actuation—was developed to ensure high fuel efficiency, low weight, low inertia, and excellent drivability.

In technical terms, Valeo’s innovations over the last years include:

  • Excellent acceleration performance through continuous power delivery, with a minimum loss of driving torque.
  • First class driving performance due to precise electromechanically controlled gear changes.
  • Smooth gear shifts and good fuel economy resulting from independent control of the clutch actuator.
  • Electro-hydraulic actuation with very low power consumption.
  • Driving comfort in high torque engines due to a fast system response and efficient control strategies, which eliminate torque interruption during gear shifts.
  • Extending the range to include 200 Nm to 500 Nm as well as hybrid engines.


Together, these innovations enhance the driving experience and reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Valeo goes one step further for the IAM, providing a technical support program for both dual wet and dry clutches, which includes live webinars, fitting instructions, and detailed presentations.

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