Trust your Middle East Specialist

Trust your Middle East Specialist

You can trust the Specialist to care for all our customers satisfaction, thanks to our O.E. pedigree and aftermarket

knowledge, to offer technical support, tips and advices on diagnostic or product usage, and sharing regular news on our wide range of products and services. 

The Specialist is a repair and maintenance expert you can call upon to enhance your customer experience of Valeo products.


The product expertise includes:

  • Passengers Cars and Light Commercial Vehicles
  • Truck
  • Bus and Coach
  • Agriculture and others...

Valeo Service Middle East sets a strong pace with an average of 1000 new references launched per year.

Valeo Service Middle East.png

Valeo Service Middle East

As an aftermarket specialist Valeo Service cares for its customers in many dimensions and sets the basis of a long term relationship.

Caring is at the heart of the Valeo Service strategy going way beyond products and services and creating necessary set of pillars leading to the complete customer satisfaction.

Valeo Service, “Smart Care For You” is the user centric strategy the brand is deploying to match a strongly digitalized market place.

The 5 main pillars of the Valeo Service Strategy – Product Specialist, Technical Specialist, Marketing Specialist, Customer Specialist and Logistic Specialist – remain at the core of our vision of the market and are now linked and powered by a 6th pillar: The Digital Specialist.

Whether you are a spare parts distributor, a car dealer, a garage, or an individual car owner, Valeo Service Middle East is your partner with all ambitions.




If you have any further questions
Valeo Service Middle East

Shed No. BP-04
Jebel Ali Free Zone (South)


Aydınevler Sanayi St. 
Centrum Plaza No: 302 Pc: 34854 

Istanbul - TURKEY       

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