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Pressure Plate Cover Assembly

Pressure Plate Cover Assembly

Valeo is a car clutch expert, making clutches for OE automakers and the aftermarket alike for decades.

Our aftermarket clutch parts and clutch kits bring the same OE quality to the aftermarket.

Valeo’s best-in-class friction material is preferred by manufacturers and is often even fitted to competitor clutches by request of the manufacturer. Valeo’s superior facings offer a better gear switch with a 20% lower density.


What is the Clutch Cover?


The clutch cover, also called the Pressure Plate Cover Assembly (PPCA), is a key component of a vehicle’s clutch system.

The role of the cover assembly is to engage & disengage the drive plate whilst providing sufficient clamping force yet maintaining a low release force for driver comfort. 

The clutch cover is located in between the clutch disc and the release bearing.


What Are the Parts of a Clutch Cover?


A standard clutch cover (without a self-adjusting device) is composed of:

  • A diaphragm spring that provides a clamp load.
  • A pressure plate with significant mass to dissipate heat. This is the friction surface of the disc facing.


Clutch covers with Self-Adjusting Devices include a wear compensation system between the pressure plate and the diaphragm.

This ring is composed of :

  • A fulcrum ring
  • A toothed section
  • A worm gear


The position of the fulcrum ring is adjusted with the worm gear to compensate for wear.


Valeo Pressure Plate Cover Assembly brings great value for money to a wide range of models.

Our PPCA range covers a wide range of vehicles and includes different types of technology to fit your needs, including standard clutch and SAT.

Valeo offers optimum coverage for all your clutch needs, covering 90% of the European carpar! Our Kit 2P, Kit 3P, and Kit 3P + CSC clutch kits come standard with a clutch disc and clutch cover.


What Are the Parts of a Clutch Cover?


parts of clutch cover


Clutch covers with Self-Adjusting Devices include a wear compensation system between the pressure plate and the diaphragm. This ring is composed of :




Want to Learn More About Clutches?


Watch our free webinar to learn more about major clutch components and how they work. You’ll learn more about the different variations of parts like the PPCA, flywheels, and release bearings.

We’ll also explain how to handle clutch parts without irreparably damaging them during repairs like replacing a Dual-Mass Flywheel.

You’ll discover which clutch parts are included in different Valeo Clutch Kits to help you find the right clutch kit for your vehicle.



Self-Adjusting Technology

This innovative OE solution prolongs the clutch life thanks to a thoughtful design.

It uses self-adjusting wear compensation on the pressure plate to maintain a constant pedal effort throughout the clutch’s lifetime.


High-Efficiency Clutch

The HEC is a combination of an improved facing material and a robust clutch cover assembly.

Valeo’s HEC is the aftermarket solution with very low-wear friction face technology, offering the same lifetime performance as an SAT clutch.

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