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Engine Management Systems

Engine Management Systems

The Complete Engine Management Systems Portfolio

Comfort, safety and handling depend on the performance of engine management components. As a leading and innovative brand in automotive electronics, Valeo brings high-quality replacement parts for the engine management system, ensuring more efficient performance of the combustion engine.

Thanks to more than 40 years of experience in car engine management systems, Valeo provides a comprehensive range to the aftermarket covering EGR, engine sensors, ignition coils, injectors, fuel pumps, glow plugs and ignition leads.


Bringing Quality To The Aftermarket

All our car engine management products are developed according to high quality standards offering performance and durability. 

Our products undergo rigorous quality testing to meet the requirements of the world's largest automakers. Valeo's engine management components feature high performance and longer durability, ensuring the efficiency of the entire system.


One-Stop Technical Advice

Valeo also provides expert engine management technical advice to garages and workshops with its technical hotline, mobile technical staff, technical training, Tech@ssist Portal, plus several workshop tools. Whatever your engine management needs, you can trust Valeo, the engine management systems specialist.


FAQ ⤵︎

What are the signs of a malfunctioning ignition coil?

Some signs of ignition coil failure include:

  • Reduction in vehicle power
  • Continued failure of engine functions Unstable idling
  • The engine stops operating
  • The injection diagnostic indicator lights up on the warning panel

How to solve ignition coil-related problems?

If you have any questions or difficulty with a Valeo ignition coil, please contact our technical assistance hotline. Valeo's team of experts is prepared to resolve any problem quickly and remotely, providing all necessary assistance during the parts installation process.


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