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Switch Systems for LCV

Switch Systems for LCV

Steering Column Switches are multifunction interface systems between the driver and the vehicle, located behind the steering wheel. Column switches operate a variety of functions from simple turn signals, headlights and wiper functions to the latest technologies which Valeo is pioneering.

The Valeo column switch range is made with the same quality and reliability as original equipment:

  • Valeo is a major player in switch systems, producing in Europe, Asia, America and Africa
  • Valeo is a partner of the largest OE manufacturers
  • Each year, innovative OE technologies are revealed for the HMI interface, including head-up displays, intelligent control panels, and intelligent screens

Column switch modules are directly linked to safety because they control the vehicle’s essential functions. Valeo offers column switch safety and innovation with a range coming from original equipment. 

Thanks to three types of switch modules (modular, semi-modular and complete module), Valeo offers a complete column switch range meeting the needs of aftermarket professionals.



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