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Electrical Systems for LCV

Electrical Systems for LCV

Valeo is a leader in LCV Electrical Systems with decades of experience in Original Equipment manufacturing. Today, Valeo is a key player in the global market, and a leader in Europe.



Frequently Asked Questions ⤵︎


What is the service life of an LCV’s electrical system components?

The components of an LCV’s electrical system, such as the starter and alternator, can have long-term durability beyond ten years of use in good condition (between 150,000 and 200,000 kilometres driven) without showing any defect over this time. Valeo’s products in this category are robust and deliver excellent performance even under harsher electrical conditions. In addition to choosing high-quality parts, performing periodic maintenance and cleaning is important. Other precautions include good practices in using power-hungry peripherals.


How to increase the durability of an LCV’s electrical system?

The electrical system is essential for the proper functioning of the vehicle and all peripherals that function with electricity. Some precautions need to be taken to prevent wear and tear on these components, including:

  • Avoiding using peripherals with the motor off for too long
  • Turning off all peripherals before starting the vehicle
  • Checking the manufacturer’s settings before installing peripheral components
  • Supplying the cold start reservoir
  • Stepping on the clutch before starting the vehicle to avoid overloading the starter


How to solve difficulties related to LCV electrical systems?

If you are in doubt or have any difficulties installing Valeo electrical system parts for LCVs, please contact our technical assistance hotline. Valeo's team of experts is prepared to resolve any problem quickly and remotely, providing all necessary assistance during the parts installation process.


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