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I Care for the Planet: what it is all about


We can do our part



Road transportation accounts for 18% of CO2 emissions. At Valeo, we are committed to playing a major role to the decarbonization of the automotive industry for new vehicles and current rolling vehicles.


For our aftermarket activities, we are acting at Valeo on our own values while encouraging our business partners to follow environmental initiatives too: this is what “I Care For The Planet’” is all about.


“I “: As a member of the Valeo Group and as an aftermarket company with own specificities.

“Planet”: Valeo Service has started to limit the impact of its activity on “the Planet”.

Where we can be active to reduce our impact on the planet:

• Contribute to limit the CO2 emission with automotive decarbonization and process optimisation
• Promote circular economy with reman and repair (waste management)
• Innovate with Eco-design

Valeo’s aim is to involve its entire ecosystem – plants, employees, suppliers, and partners – in the process of decarbonizing its activities. To know more about Valeo’s holistic approach to sustainable development: https://www.valeo.com/en/sustainability/

“Care”: How we can do our part.
3 concrete area of actions: Product, Packaging, Transportation

Eco-design, Waste management, CO₂ emission reduction



For the aftermarket, Valeo aims to start working on the 3 following key areas:


Product portfolio

Product portfolio









A more sustainable product portfolio


Eco-design: Innovation for more Sustainability

Developing sustainable products involves reevaluating their environmental impact across the entire lifecycle, aiming to minimize harm from production to disposal.

Launched in June 2023 in Europe, CanopyTM is the first Valeo Aftermarket innovation designed for the environment.

Due to a radical transformation of the product, packaging, and production cycle, Canopy wipers produce -61% CO2 emissions.*

*compared to a wiper blade produced in Asia and packaged in plastic, verified by an independent organization (Bureau Veritas)

Learn more about CanopyTM

Preservation of Resources

Preservation of Resources

Choose reman and repair as an eco conscious choice to preserve resources.

Instead of throwing away an old part, you are giving a second life to the product.

Currently, Valeo remanufactures around 1 million parts each year, with more than 8,000 P/N.

  • Up to 80%  of the raw material is reused in reman.
  • without compromising quality, a remanufactured part delivers the exact same functional characteristics as a new one

Reman products:


CO2 Emission Reduction



Spare parts to equip electrified vehicles

Valeo contributes to decarbonizing the automotive industry thanks to its product ranges dedicated to EV.

Valeo is a leader in Electrification for: Powertrain and Battery Thermal Management.

Today, we estimate that more than 13 million electric or hybrid vehicles are equipped with Valeo parts, which reduce CO2 emissions!

Valeo has the product range and aims to help distributors and repairers understand these new technologies with workshop training.

Valeo is born to Electrify the aftermarket!


EV charging solution

EV cables and charging stations are for Electrified Vehicles. They are subsequently associated with Automotive decarbonization.

Ineez cables and EV charging stations contribute to extending the charging station network, making EV charging more convenient and flexible for EV drivers.

Learn more



Retrofit existing petrol or diesel run vehicles into an electric vehicle and extend the vehicle’s lifespan instead of going to the scrapyard due to upcoming regulations for diesel / ICE cars ban.

Valeo specializes in high-quality EV retrofit components, including e-powertrains and thermal management. 

Valeo’s unique value is its software adaptation solutions for retrofit kits, depending on the vehicle and kit requirements.


A more sustainable packaging


Which packaging is concerned?

  • The way our products are packed (Box, Grouping box) for workshops and drivers
  • The way our products are sent to Distributors (Pallet, Pallet box)


Individual box (CSU)

Individual box (CSU)






Packaging sent to Customers & Reuse / recyclability packaging


reduce Reduce

  • Avoid excessive use of materials with minimum protective packaging
  • Reduce single use plastics


optimize Optimize

  • Favor reusable packaging and pallets


recycle Recycle

  • Packaging must be designed to be easily recycled
  • Packaging must be well sorted and be well recycled
  • Increase the use of recycled materials in the packaging
Reduce the impact of Wipers plastic packaging

zoom Reduce the impact of Wipers plastic packaging

Since 2022, plastic packagings in Europe are replaced by eco-conceived cardboard packagings adapted to each sales channels and customers and 100% recyclable.

More than 400 tons of plastic is saved each year*, which corresponds to the weight of more than 11 million plastic bottles.

* Based on estimation of 40g of plastic used per packaging (consumer sales unit) on 2020 sales volumes (Europe).

Canopy takes it even further: eco-designed packaging

zoom Canopy takes it even further: eco-designed packaging

100% Cardboard Packaging

  • >90% recycled cardboard
  • Printed with water-based inks (solvent-free)
  • Fully Recyclable



More sustainable Transportation


To ensure a more sustainable transport system during the sourcing supply chain and when delivering to our Customers.

Valeo Service mainly focuses on two solutions for a more sustainable transportation :


reduce Reduce

Direct delivery, from factory to Customers


optimize Optimize

  • Logistic flow optimisation
    (Road / Train / Sea shipment) 
  • Filling optimisation in container
Promote direct deliveries, from the factory to Customers

zoom Promote direct deliveries, from the factory to Customers

This saves delivery time and reduces the costs.

reforest action logo

Valeo Service promotes direct delivery, with the possibility to connect with a tree plantation program.

Since 2021, around 55 000 trees have been planted all over the world!

Learn more


I Care for the Planet goes beyond Valeo Service's products. It is a commitment to foster a more sustainable automotive aftermarket.

This involves re-evaluating operations, business models, and sourcing practices.

By embracing change and collaboration, we challenge ourselves to innovate and enhance transparency. With investments and partnerships, Valeo Service welcomes discussions on new initiatives that contribute to a more sustainable automotive aftermarket.

Join us on our journey towards a more sustainable automotive aftermarket!