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About us

Valeo Service, fulfilling aftermarket needs worldwide


Valeo Service, fulfilling aftermarket needs worldwide

Valeo was founded in 1923 in Saint Ouen (France).

Valeo, an automotive supplier and strategic partner to all automakers worldwide, is the leading supplier of cutting-edge automotive technologies.

Valeo Service, part of the Valeo Group, is the automotive aftermarket specialist worldwide. Valeo Service commitment is to care for you and your customers’ vehicles (passenger cars and industrial vehicles) long after they have left the production floor.

Whether you are an automaker, a spare parts distributor, a car dealer, a garage, or an individual car owner, Valeo Service is at your side in over 150 countries.
The mission: anticipate, answer and follow up your aftermarket needs.



Markets and product families

4 key markets structure our offer: Repair, Maintenance, Crash, Accessories.

For each, Valeo Service provides a full array of services, of Original Equipment Spares (OES) to manufacturers and replacement parts and accessories to the Independent Aftermarket (IAM).

The product expertise includes:

  • Transmission systems
  • Air conditioning
  • Wiping systems
  • Lighting systems
  • Cooling & Air management
  • Electrical systems

Valeo Service sets a strong pace with an average of 7,000 new references launched per year.

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Our 4 Pillars

• Products with a price-performance ratio adapted to the Aftermarket

• A technical support program to hone your skills, even on the most cutting-edge technologies

• Customized supply chain solutions to meet your needs and product requirements

• Digital and trade marketing activities to support the growth of your sales


we care4U

You are our focus | We are your aftermarket experts

Wherever you may be located, Valeo Service delivers the parts and services to provide customers a safe, comfortable and unique driving experience.  

Valeo Service is utterly committed to answer its aftermarket customers' needs. The “We Care 4 you” statement is the specialist’s promise, strongly embodied in highly customized answers like diagnostic tools, training, technical, sales and marketing support.

Valeo Service