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Trust the Africa & Overseas specialist

Trust the Africa & Overseas specialist

4 key markets structure our offer: repair, maintenance, crash & thermal.

For each, Valeo Service Africa & Overseas provides a full array of services, of Original Equipment and replacement parts and accessories.

The product expertise includes:

  • Passengers cars and Light Commercial vehicles
  • Truck

  • Bus and Coach

  • Agriculture and others...


Valeo Service Africa & Overseas sets a strong pace with an average of 2,300  new references launched per year.


Valeo Service Africa and Overseas

Valeo Service, part of the Valeo Group, is the automotive aftermarket specialist worldwide.

Valeo Service commitment is to care for you and your customers’ vehicles (passenger cars and industrial vehicles).

Whether you are a spare parts distributor, a car dealer, a garage, or an individual car owner, Valeo Service Africa and Overseas is your partner in more than 70 countries. 

Valeo Service Africa and Overseas ambitions are always to think ahead and to be a “Supplier who cares for you”.

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Valeo Service Africa & Overseas

Valeo Service Africa & Overseas

70, Rue Pleyel

93285 Saint-Denis Cedex


Tel.: (+33) 1 49 45 32 32