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Electrical parts and systems for trucks: alternators and starters

Electrical parts and systems for trucks: alternators and starters

With a strong leadership in Original Equipment and more than 30 years in remanufacturing, Valeo provides the Aftermarket with one of the best offer in starters and alternators: over 100,000 starters and alternators units per day worldwide on its production, and it is thus recognized as a key player on the global market, and leader in Europe. One out of three vehicles is fitted with a Valeo machine as original equipment. The Valeo double range, New for New and Standard Exchange, includes latest innovations from power efficiency machines, O.E. quality spare parts to Stop-Start systems and supply all major car, light commercial and heavy-duty manufacturers from low-end to luxury vehicle segments.


Valeo’s Aftermarket offer includes new and remanufactured products and a range of innovative services, like core identification system and core collection. The combined offer of “new for new” and remanufactured or “Standard Exchange“ products allows Valeo to answer all the Aftermarket needs. The “New for New“ products range consists of numerous part numbers for professional vehicles (light utilities, trucks, buses, agricultural vehicles, tractors, fork-lifts...).It’s 100% O.E. quality to satisfy repairers and drivers who wants O.E. only. Valeo pursues its time-to-market initiative to propose the replacement part at the same time as the new vehicle model is released.


The “Standard Exchange” range provide an economical solution whatever the vehicle to repair.


With over 30 years of experience, strong knowledge in renovation techniques and in-house expertise in manufacturing electrical systems as original equipment, Valeo ensures high quality remanufacturing, in the total respect of O.E. standards throughout the whole process. Using the same process of inspection, cleaning and electric/electronic testing, Valeo is able to renovate it’s competitor’s technologies.


Cores are at the heart of this process. Once collected, starters and alternators are sent to specific production units as they require different production treatments. All Valeo products are 100% asbestos free.


In order to make the collection of old machines (starters, alternators and also compressors) more efficient, Valeo has develop the eCORPS system: a combination of a mobile terminal and software program to enable real time reliable recognition and data transmission of collected parts for a credit on surcharge in 48 hours.


The “Back in The Box” is an efficient way to return cores, to protect them and to actively contribute to the core identification. This is the guarantee to get your money back quickly, therefore avoiding depreciation and misidentification.


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