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Valeo and FTE: A comprehensive range of transmission systems

 transmission systems
Automechanika, Valeo is presenting its most comprehensive range of transmission systems yet. For the first time, FTE ranges will be included in the Valeo aftermarket offering.


In October 2017, Valeo acquired FTE Automotive, a German company specialized in automotive clutch and transmission systems. It has particularly deep expertise in electric actuators used in automatic, dual-clutch and semi-automatic transmissions. These systems allow for fast and smooth automatic shifting. With the acquisition of FTE Automotive, Valeo is extending its offering in a strategic high-growth market largely driven by surging demand for vehicles fitted with automatic transmissions as well as for hybrid and electric vehicles.


Valeo's aftermarket offering in the manual transmission segment is both comprehensive, with over 3,000 OEM products, and, above all, of high quality, with FTE Automotive's products making a meaningful addition to Valeo’s dual mass flywheel, clutch kit, and hydraulic parts ranges. These products are recognized for being high-tech, easy to install and exceptionally long lasting, making them a one of a kind offering on the market.


By expanding its dual mass flywheel range, Valeo can fulfill 80% of market need. The same goes for its VBladeTM DMF technology, protected by more than 80 Valeo patents and launched in 2018. Valeo is now in a position to offer a wide range of all-in-one kits, including Valeo FullPACK DMF™, clutch kits with a hydraulic stop and Valeo KIT4P™ conversion kits with a hydraulic stop. These unique kits, made up of the best Valeo and FTE parts, are the easiest and most reliable choice for suppliers and mechanics.

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