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Valeo Everguard™

Valeo Everguard™

Everguard™ wiper blades, powered by silicone


With long experience and proven expertise of Silicone wiper blades in Asia, Valeo now launches the product in Europe.

Valeo EverguardTM wiper blades are flat, with frame-less design and deliver outstanding performance thanks to the Silicone rubber and a Valeo-engineered coating.

This special combination applies an invisible water repellent barrier on the windshield so that water beads up and rolls away while you drive. These wipers actually carry on working even when they are not being used. One has to try it to believe it!



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Silicone rubber applies a rain protector film on the windshield. Water drops remain in a spherical bead-like form and are dispersed much more easily

Click here to see how to activate the Silicone protection


Silicone is extremely resistant to heat, cold, UV and ozone, which are the main factors for rubber deterioration. Lasts twice as long (x2) versus a standard rubber (ozone test)


These wipers operate smoothly and glide easily and silently across the windscreen thanks to the material great elasticity and a Valeo-engineered coating

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