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Valeo AquaBlade™ Windscreen Wipers

Valeo AquaBlade™

Valeo Wiping Technology - The Valeo AquaBlade™

Discover the latest innovation in windscreen wiping technology




Learn What Makes Valeo AquaBlade™ Unique among Wiper Blades

Valeo’s patented and award-winning AquaBlade™ windscreen wipers are recognised as a major innovation in automotive technology. Compared to conventional wiper blades, they considerably improve safety, comfort, and performance.


The Need for Integrated Cleaning

Windshield wipers have been around for a long time, so what need is there for innovation? Valeo developed AquaBlade™ in response to key trends driving a need for more effective windscreen wipers.

These include changes in consumer preferences and body styles, which increase the windscreen surface and make traditional wiper blades less effective.

In addition, new technology requires the entire windscreen surface to be clean to function properly. These evolving needs informed the design of AquaBlade™.


Valeo AquaBlade™ Characteristics

Valeo AquaBlade™ has special characteristics that improve its performance over traditional wiper blades and conventional wiper-integrated spray blades. So what is unique about the design of Valeo AquaBlade™ wiper blades?

Valeo AquaBlade™ uses a flat blade with small, laser-cut holes that allow the washer fluid to be distributed along the entire length of the blade. It enlarges the wiping pattern and corrects the uneven washer fluid distribution problem. In comparison, other wipers rely on spray nozzles either located under the hood or installed on the wiper arm. 


Valeo AquaBlade™ windscreen wipers have many benefits:

  • No more cleaning fluid jet obstructions
  • Better visibility and comfort for the driver
  • Larger cleaning area that reaches the upper windscreen where cameras and other systems are located
  • Better night visibility (reduces glare and blur)
  • Cleaning quality is preserved at all vehicle and wind speeds
  • Faster driver reaction time & shorter braking distance*
*Source: Fraunhofer Institute IOSB study

The heated version of AquaBlade™ premium wiper blades reduces the effects of freezing and improves driver comfort in cold climates.

Launched in 2012 to supply Original Equipment, Valeo AquaBlade™ is now offered to the independent aftermarket with more than 20 parts numbers, offering the same original technology in all versions: unheated, heated, rear wiper blade...etc.


Benefits for workshops


Since Valeo AquaBlade™ became available to the Independent Aftermarket, customers have enjoyed a variety of advantages compared to conventional wiper blades.

Valeo AquaBlade™ benefits


Brand image of mechanics

  • Strengthens the image of mechanics as innovators : the latest OE innovation in wipers is now available for the IAM


Same wiper as OE

  • Aquablade™ brings the same look, performance and options (heated/unheated) to the IAM


Quick change

Depending on the vehicle, AquaBlade™ connects to your vehicle in one or two easy steps: 

  • One-click connection: the wiper arm connects in one click, including:

    > The fluid connection
    > The electrical connection (for wipers equipped with the heating option)

  • Two-step connection:

    > A standard connection to the wiper arm
    > Fluids are connected separately


Made in Europe

100% of the Valeo Aquablade™ wiper range is produced in Europe

Valeo The Original

These wiper blades feature the same original technology and fit as OE vehicles.

No.1 Worldwide

VALEO, the No.1 Wiper System original equipment manufacturer, is trusted by more manufacturers than any other brand.

*Passenger Car OE Worldwide Market Share 2021 in value, exceeding trucks.