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Car flat wiper blades HydroConnect

Valeo HydroConnect Wiping Systems for passenger car

Industry-leading wiper blades

Valeo HydroConnect flat blades offer premium quality car wiper blades. Thanks to their versatile construction and replaceable adapters, they can be used on any model of car, replacing conventional car window wiper blades with a flat, modern solution. Valeo wiper blades are individually packaged for easy selection.

The power of flat blades

HydroConnect, with its 100% flat blade, is Valeo’s new premium wiping range dedicated to the aftermarket. Boasting an innovative multiconnection technology, the HydroConnect car wiper blades include three adapters that cover 96% of the European car market, matching with up to 12 types of arms. The adapters are also available in rear wiper blades.

A complete car wiper makeover

Thanks to its unique asymmetrical spoiler, cars benefit from 30% increased clamping force compared to conventional construction. And the high-tech protective rubber coating ensures long lasting resistance and performance for perfect windscreen visibility. HydroConnect flat wiper blades are the ideal substitute to conventional car wipers.


HydroConnect™ is the new premium range, 100% Flat Blade dedicated to the Aftermarket.


Valeo HydroConnect™ - Fitting instructions



Simply plug the adaptor A or B or C on to the blade, fit to the arm and you are ready for a safe drive.

Aero Perf

The asymmetrical spoiler ensures perfect and uniform visibility thanks to even pressure across the windshield.

Long Lasting

The high-tech protective rubber coating ensures long lasting resistance and performance for perfect rear screen visibility


  • 3 adapters included to cover 96% european car park (matching up to 12 types of arms).
  • lnnovative multiconnection technology (adapters) also in rear wipers.
  • The newest range in the VALEO company's portfolio.
  • +30% increased clamping force over conventional construction thanks to asymmetrical spoiler.
  • Great substitute for conventional wipers.