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Valeo First™

Car wiper blades Valeo First™

The Valeo First™ blade range offers affordable easy-to-fit wipers engineered by Valeo’s experts.

The First™ car wiper blade range covers all blade types, including conventional, hybrid, and flat multi connection blades.

Valeo puts our customers first, so we’ve designed these blades to be simple, efficient, durable, and universal. As a supplier of wiper blades for both OE manufacturers and the aftermarket, Valeo ensures OE quality for all of its wiper products.

The First™ range is an innovative multiconnection technology which offers an excellent coverage rate with a small range of wipers. 

Easy Installation

  • Multiconnection technology allows you to use just 4 adapters (1 is premounted) and 12 part numbers to cover 92% of the European carparc. This smart system allows for an easy installation with just one click.
  • The symmetrical spoiler shape allows the driver to apply Valeo First™ wipers to both left- and right-hand drive cars.
  • Valeo cares about the customer experience. That’s why Valeo First™ delivers comprehensive support by providing fitting instruction videos and interactive part number finders for all wiping technologies.

Smart design

  • The metal frame of the classic First™ wipers delivers additional durability in the worst weather conditions. 
  • Thanks to patented Pyramid technology, Valeo First™ has a perfect clamping force comparable to the original wiper.
  • Valeo synthetic rubber with an extra coating ensures long-lasting resistance and performance for perfect windscreen visibility.

Smart Packaging

  • The new packaging is made with 100% recyclable cardboard printed with soy-based inks. The cardboard is made from virgin wood fibres coming from sustainably managed forests.



Valeo is the world’s N°1 OE manufacturer of wiper systems * 

*2017 Passenger Car OE Worldwide Market Share, excluding trucks

Optimised Cleaning

A unique asymmetrical spoiler shape with Pyramid™ technology provides an optimised clean.

Easy Fitment

1 click system allows for fast installation of a new wiper blade in just a one click.


Conventional Wiper Blades

Valeo First™ classic windscreen wiper blades feature all-metal wiper arms with synthetic moulded rubber blades, providing an optimal wipe on windscreen glass.

A premounted adapter with the one click system allows for a fast replacement.

  • 9 part numbers ranging from 350mm to 650mm in length
  • 100% metal technology with anti-noise plastic liners
  • Synthetic moulded rubber with graphite coating
Flat Blade Multiconnection Wiper Blades

Valeo First™ multiconnection flat blades are made from special rubber and feature pyramid™ technology for long-lasting performance and a precise, optimal clean.

A Smart multiconnection system allows an easy connection with the leading flat blades on the market.

  • 12 part numbers ranging from 350mm to 750mm in length
  • Unique Pyramid™ technology for optimised cleaning
  • Robust wiper blades made to perform in difficult weather conditions (hot, cold, UV)
  • Valeo smart multiconnection system
Hybrid Wiper Blades

Valeo First™ hybrid wiper blades combine the OE hybrid-style cover design with a thin, flexible curved blade.

  • 10 part numbers ranging from 350mm to 700mm in length
  • Flat blade structure
  • Plastic asymmetrical spoiler
  • Synthetic moulded rubber with graphite coating

Easy Installation

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