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Valeo Wiper Blades

Car windscreen wipers

Valeo offers multiple ranges of wiper blades to fit the needs of the entire windscreen wiper market.


Appealing packaging, innovative technologies, and a variety of wiper blade types ensure maximised carparc coverage and customer sales. 


The Valeo windscreen wiper blade offer includes:

  • Flat Blades: OE, Aftermarket, Rear
  • Conventional Blades: Spoiler, washer ramp, rear
  • Hybrid Blades: OE and aftermarket


In addition, Valeo offers services for both windscreen wiper distributors and end-users.


Our services for distributors include diagnosis videos, reference identifiers, and QR codes.

Valeo windscreen wiper blade end-users can also benefit from fitting videos and QR codes.

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