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Ignition Coils for Cars

Car Ignition Coils

What Is an Ignition Coil?

The car ignition coil is a key component in the ignition system of gasoline vehicles. It is designed to transform the battery's low voltage (12 volts) to the thousands of volts (40k volts) needed to create an electric spark in the spark plugs. This spark ignites the air-fuel mixture during the engine combustion process.


Increasing Demand for Modern Coils:

Demand for modern ignition coils is increasing due to higher ignition voltage requirements and increasingly restricted engine compartment space.

Valeo gives you a wide range of choices of the best car ignition coil technology. As one of the leading European Original Equipment (OE) ignition coil suppliers, Valeo offers all ignition coil technologies available on the market: Wet Coils, Compact Coils (from 1 to 8 outputs), Pencil Coils, Top-plug Coils, and Rail Coils.


Reasons to Choose Valeo Ignition Coils

  • A comprehensive offer covering all technologies available on the market
  • Easy to replace thanks to the OE exact-fit design
  • Best quality products to reduce fuel consumption & prevent malfunction and damage
  • Genuine technical support to help you service more efficiently


Pencil Coils

What Is a Pencil Coil?

Pencil ignition coils operate without ignition leads and are designed to limit energy loss between the coil and spark plugs. Pencil coils are designed to take advantage of restricted space and are typically found above spark plugs. In fact, their compact size enables them to fit directly into the spark plug hole. Pencil coils are suitable for 2 to 16-cylinder Inline and V-type engines.


Rail Coils

What Is a Rail Coil?

The rail ignition coil is an assembly of 2 or 4 ignition modules in a single package. Rail coils simplify mounting operations and reduce the needed quantity of material. In case of damage to one ignition module, the entire rail needs to be changed. Rail coils are suitable for 3 to 16-cylinder Inline and V-type engines. It is directly fitted onto the spark plug.


Compact Coils

What Is a Compact Coil?

The compact (or multi-outlet) ignition coil provides one coil per pair of cylinders. E.g. two coils for 4-cylinder engines, three coils for 6-cylinder engines and 4 for 8-cylinder engines and so on. Its design offers the highest energy density to enable a mass reduction of up to 40% compared to the first generation of car ignition coils.

  • Suitable for 4 to 16-cylinder Inline and V-type engines
  • Replaces the distributor
  • Controlled by a module
  • Ignition leads are necessary for fitting


Wet Coils

What Is a Wet Coil?

The wet ignition coil was the first generation of coil used on vehicles. Its name comes from the insulating resin, which is made with oil. It is always combined with a distributor. Ignition leads are mandatory to connect the wet coil to the spark plugs and distributor.

  • A very basic transformer
  • Two coils of wire, one inside the other
  • An iron core
  • Liquid filled for cooling/insulation
  • Regular, ballast & electronic
  • Output generally up to 18kv


Top Plug Coils

What Is a Top Plug Coil?

The top plug ignition coil is designed to be used when space constraints prevent the use of pencil coils and when a high-output energy coil is required. Top plugs are directly fitted onto the spark plug. The place available over the spark plug is useful for powerful coils with high spark energy. It is suitable for 2 to 16-cylinder Inline and V-type engines.