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Car Glow Plugs

Glow Plugs

What Is a Glow Plug?

The glow plug is a heating device that provides the additional energy required to start a diesel engine. It is a key component in the combustion process in diesel engines.


How Does a Glow Plug Work?

The glow plug allows the temperature of the combustion chamber to increased to 800°C when the engine starts. Thanks to a combination of compression and incandescence of the glow plug, the first explosion launches the diesel engine and the cycle is started. Driven by the engine’s compression from the first explosion, the fuel injectors spray the air and diesel mixture into the combustion chamber.

At a certain level of compression, the temperature becomes sufficient in the combustion chamber to trigger a new explosion of the air and diesel mixture. The glow plug has the particular feature of operating only during the first operating cycles of the engine.

Glow plugs are only found in diesel engines and work differently than spark plugs, which help to start petrol engines. Unlike the glow plug, spark plugs work every time the piston is compressed.


Why Choose Valeo Glow Plugs?

  • 100% of Valeo glow plugs are tested according to OE specifications, and each car glow plug undergoes more than 70 tests during the production process. The result is a glow plug that will perform at its intended level of performance
  • Valeo glow plugs are made from premium 100% Ferro-Cobalt material to ensure a faster heat-up time and reliable cold-starts

Thanks to the original double-wire technology, Valeo car glow plugs reduce pollutant emissions for vehicles equipped with a pre-post heating system


Valeo Info:

Valeo recommends replacing the glow plugs between 80,000 and 120,000 km (50,000 - 75,000 miles), without need for any sign of malfunction. Otherwise, the glow plug could become trapped by residue buildup in the combustion chamber, preventing it from unscrewing from its niche inside the engine.

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