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Ignition Leads for Cars

Ignition Leads

What are Ignition Leads?

Ignition leads are used to distribute the high voltage from the ignition coils to the spark plugs during a vehicle’s ignition process.


Why Choose Valeo Ignition Leads?

Valeo offers more than 670 individual part numbers for car ignition leads. These references cover three OE high-tension wire technologies: reactive, copper, and resistive, to conduct the ignition spark into the spark plug of any modern vehicle, according to the high-tension wire technology equipping the vehicle.

Valeo also provides an alternative “value for money” ignition lead set with resistive cable technology for selected applications requiring a more affordable solution.

  • Reactive technology consists of a cable with carbon-coated fibreglass wrapped with a wire
  • Copper technology is the oldest ignition lead technology. It consists of a cable with a copper wire core and a 7 mm diameter 
  • Resistive technology uses a fibreglass core impregnated with carbon. The diameter of these beams is either 7mm or 8mm
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