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Valeo Infinium™ Wiper Blades

INFINIUM™ - The most durable Valeo wiper blade

VALEO INFINIUM™ - The most durable Valeo wiper blade


Valeo Infinium™ - A wiper blade range for the retail market designed with the end-user in mind.


Valeo aims the Infinium™ range at the entire retail market, encompassing Tyre Specialists, Auto Centres, Petrol Stations, Car Washes, Fast Fitters, and Glass Specialists.


Thoughtful packaging highlights the strong selling points and unique advantages of Infinium™ windscreen wiper blades to promote measurable end-user benefits.

Valeo has also tested and approved packaging layouts with consumer panels to ease choice and improve the overall purchase experience.

As the Valeo Infinium™ range is dedicated to the Retail market, Valeo took special care to mention windscreen wipers in an easy-to-understand way, improving the consumer journey for even the most inexperienced shoppers.


In addition to driver needs, Valeo also considered retail market needs for windscreen wiper blades and designed a range that enables retail players to:


Maximise shelf rotation and turnover

  • Thanks to smart products with high carparc coverage and innovative connectors.


Differentiate from competitors

  • The Valeo Infinium™  range’s design and communication are based on end-user studies to meet consumer expectations in car wiper blades.
  • The Infinium™  range includes several first-to-market wiper blade innovations on a worldwide or European level.


Valeo offers a complete pack of services to boost retailer sales, including printed communications, digital launch packs, point-of-sales tools, and merchandising optimisation plans.

This support is what makes Valeo the best partner to drive replacement wiper blade category sales.


Increased Durability

Valeo Infinium™ windscreen wipers feature the best Valeo rubber formulas, so you can expect up to 80% increased durability versus standard wiper blades, even in the toughest climate and environmental conditions. *

*Tests performed on Valeo products

Recyclable Packaging

The Valeo Infinium replacement wiper blade range has been designed to conform to the following guidelines, in line with driver expectations and Valeo’s commitment to sustainability.

  • 92% of the range is Made in Europe
  • 100% cardboard and 100% recyclable packaging design

Designed by the Leader in Wipers

Valeo wiper blades are trusted by OE manufacturers and the aftermarket.

When you buy Infinium™ blades, you benefit from the latest Original Equipment (OE) innovations and expertise from Valeo, the No. 1 Wiper Systems OE manufacturer.**

**by 2021 market share.



The multiconnection Flat Blade covers the most common OE technologies: Flat Blade, Conventional, and Hybrid.

Enhanced durability

  • Synthetic EPDM rubber + Valeo Advanced Boost Formula exclusive coating.
  • Robust blades designed to perform in difficult weather conditions (hot, cold, UV.)

A multiconnection Flat Blade that fits vehicles originally equipped with Flat Blades.

Valeo’s best performance over time

  • Valeo VisioRubber - Bi-compound formula that combines advantages of both synthetic & natural rubbers (Valeo O.E. standard)
  • Unique spoiler shape for optimized performance

A Flat Blade to upgrade vehicles originally equipped with Conventional & Hybrid Blades.

Valeo’s best performance over time

  • Valeo VisioRubber - A bi-compound formula that combines advantages of both synthetic & natural rubbers (Valeo OE standard.)
  • Unique spoiler shape for optimised performance.

A Rear multiconnection replacement wiper blade compatible with Rear Flat Blade technology and Rear Conventional composite blades.

Enhanced durability

  • Special rubber coating
  • Original design
  • Very easy to fit

Exact Fit car wiper blades with Front & Rear technologies same as OE: Flat Blade, Conventional, Valeo AquaBlade.

Valeo best performance over time (Front Flat Blades)

  • Valeo VisioRubber - A bi-compound formula that combines advantages of both synthetic & natural rubbers (Valeo OE standard.)
  • Original design
  • Perfect fit