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Car rear lamps: rear LED light & bulbs

Car rear lamps: rear LED light & bulbs


Why Choose Valeo's Car Rear LED lights & bulb lamps?


Valeo constantly innovates to improve the design and safety of lighting products. This approach includes products which consume less power and help decrease CO2 emissions


In particular, using LEDs for signalling functions reduces the braking distance of the driver behind you by 5m when travelling at a speed of 90km/h (60 mph) – all thanks to the fast response time of LEDs.

LED rear lighting also helps to save 0.5g CO2/km compared to Tungsten bulbs. 


Valeo provides more than 500 rear lamp references and around 200 front lamp references for the Independent Aftermarket.


Traditional Car bulbs are still the most used light sources for front and rear lamps, but the spread of LED technology to signalling products is even stronger than for headlamps. 


LED technology for rear lights is a high-performance solution with many benefits. It offers car makers opportunities to create distinctive styling for each car model and take advantage of LED technology's numerous lighting combinations.


The faster response time of LEDs contributes to road safety, and their long life makes LEDs a convenient alternative for customers compared to conventional rear light cluster designs.


Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) provide very efficient light with lower power consumption than traditional Tungsten bulbs while offering vast design possibilities thanks to their compact size.

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