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Valeo, A Leader in Car HVAC Systems


Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems are key to ensuring passenger comfort in any vehicle. Valeo’s long-standing Original Equipment (OE) expertise in automotive HVAC systems has led to its leading position in the current marketplace. Today, 1 in 3 vehicles in Europe is equipped with a Valeo OE car HVAC system. Valeo equips all recent best-selling European vehicles in both Passenger Cars and Trucks & Bus applications. Valeo’s OE quality car HVAC range includes all parts necessary for a HVAC system.


Car HVAC Components:

Evaporator:  Ensures optimal air cooling, either by cooling or drying the air entering the cabin

Blower: Propels air into the cabin. Ventilation power and speed is regulated by the Control Electronics

Actuator: Distributes air inside the cabin, combines airflows to manage cabin temperature, and opens or closes the air intake

Heater Core: Exchanges water and air using the heat of liquid coolant to heat the cabin air

Expansion Valve / Orifice Tube: Controls the drop in pressure for refrigerant evaporation; provides the exact refrigerant liquid quantity specified by the manufacturer

Sensor: Monitors the evaporator temperature to prevent freezing


Why Choose Valeo Technology and Innovation ?

Pioneering key products and services since the 1950s, Valeo has become a recognized car HVAC expert thanks to its complete range, innovative solutions, and sales synergy offer. Here a just a few reasons why Valeo HVAC systems are so popular:

  • Valeo is a worldwide leader in car HVAC systems with a diverse product offer
  • Valeo guarantees the best customer service on the market, from logistics and delivery to packaging and technical support
  • Valeo offers the opportunity for unique synergy sales of automotive HVAC parts


Unique Synergy Sales

  • Blowers and Control Electronics
  • Evaporators and Expansion Valves/Orifice Tubes
  • Blowers and Cabin Air Filters



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817719 - AUDI A3, 06-0



515064 - VW Golf, Jetta 06-12

515065 - VW Golf, Jetta 06-12

509657 - LR Range Rover (94>02)

515127 - VW Eos/Golf/GTI/Jetta/Rabbit