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Heater Cores Air Conditioning Systems for Cars

Car A/C Heater Cores

The heater core is a component of the car A/C system which heats the cabin and demists and defrosts the windscreen. Unlike the engine cooling radiator, which cools the A/C system's coolant, the heater core provides heat to the car cabin, ensuring thermal comfort to drivers and passengers when the ambient temperature is very low. Usually, the heater core uses the coolant as an energy source. In addition, it channels part of the heat produced by the engine into the car's cabin.


What is the role of the heater core?

The role of the heater core is to warm the cabin and improve visibility in cold conditions. The heater core is a heat exchanger located inside the HVAC loop after the evaporator and the ventilation blower. It is an air/water heat exchanger, so it uses the energy of the engine cooling liquid to increase the cabin temperature.

The heater core has two main functions:

Comfort: The heater core is the car heater. It is responsible for increasing the temperature in the passenger compartment (cabin) of the automobile and does so by taking the hot air generated by the engine together with the cooling system into the interior of the vehicle. This is crucial to maintaining a comfortable cabin temperature for vehicle occupants in winter months and cold weather.

Safety: The heater core also ensures driving safety during adverse conditions. One of the heater core’s functions of the heater is removing the ice and condensation from the vehicle’s windscreen and other windows. This improves visibility for the driver in cold weather and snowy conditions. 


Valeo, an HVAC expert

Since 1950, Valeo has pioneered the development of automotive air conditioning components. Valeo is the leading thermal specialist among automotive HVAC system suppliers in Europe. Valeo quality guarantees optimal performance and longevity.

Valeo's heater core products include a range of more than 170 references in France : 

  • Valeo's heater core is manufactured according to the technical specifications of the largest automakers, which demand increasingly efficient and compact components. This OE-quality ensures reliability and performance for both OE and aftermarket heater cores.
  • Valeo heater cores are sturdy, highly efficient, and easy to install and repair. This Premium offering results in a more cost-effective offer as it reduces the need for future replacement.

Don't forget, all vehicles have a heating system, even if they aren’t equipped with air conditioning!


Why choose Valeo technology and innovation?

  • Valeo is a world leader in automotive air conditioning equipment with a multi-product offering
  • In 60 years, Valeo has become the recognised HVAC expert thanks to its comprehensive product range, innovative solutions and commercial synergy offer
  • Valeo guarantees the best customer service in the market, from logistics and delivery to packaging and technical assistance


Frequently Asked Questions ⤵︎

How to resolve issues with the heater core?

If you have any questions or difficulty installing Valeo heater cores, please contact Valeo’s technical assistance hotline. Valeo’s team of experts is prepared to resolve any problem quickly and remotely, providing all necessary assistance during the parts installation process.


Self-Adjusting Technology


Constant and optimum pedal effort during the entire clutch life thanks to Valeo high-quality friction material with very low wear.


The Valeo HEC uses a simple and robust design with no complex or sensitive components. Valeo’s high-quality, low-wear friction technology increases clutch life under normal driving conditions.

Easy to Fit:

Compared to conventional clutches, the HEC offers reduced fitting times. The Valeo HEC is installed just like a standard clutch and does not require any additional operations, checks, tooling, or training.