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Valeo’s ClimFill® range offers the best A/C refill service!

Valeo’s ClimFill® range

5 refill stations to cover all your needs


ClimFill® Easy

Reference : 625201 replace 710201

Tank capacity : 7kg operating

ClimFill® Easy, the filling station offering several key benefits for workshops. It manages all the operations of the air conditioning system automatically. Light and compact, this station can easily be used in the workspace.


ClimFill® Easy HFO

Reference : 710297

Tank Capacity : 6,3 kg operating

The ClimFIll® Easy HFO incorporates a larger operational tank capacity (6.3 kg). It includes the Climfill®Lock fitting and a one gram scale balance, saving HFO fluid.


ClimFill® Pro

Reference : 625202 replaces 710202

Tank capacity : 12.5 kg operating

The ClimFill® Pro offers long-lasting charging performances. The ClimFill® Pro also benefits from eco-patented coupler,  preventing any loss of refrigerant and air from entering the station tank. Additionally, this station can be converted to the new refrigerant HFO 1234yf using a conversion kit  (Ref 710217).


ClimFill® Pro HFO

Reference : 625295 replaces 710295

Tank capacity : 11.4 kg operating

The ClimFill® Pro HFO offers similar features to the regular ClimFill® Pro. However, this model is fully dedicated to the new refrigerant HFO 1234yf.


ClimFill® Maxi

Reference : 710203

Tank capacity : 22.4 kg operating 

The ClimFill® Maxi refill station is a specifially adapted solution for larger A/C systems in Trucks & Buses, offering adapted operating tank capacity. The ClimFill® Maxi also features eco-patented couplers and an LCD touchscreen.


Dedicated maintenance assistance

  • Pump Monitoring System (PMS) for improved eperformance and durability 
  • Vehicles database updated annually
  • Electric compressor compatibility for hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Customer traceability: records of all maintenance operations per vehicle
  • Valeo Thermal O.E. (Original Equipment) expertise for aftermarket


Why choose Valeo ClimFill® Stations technology and innovation ?

  • Valeo offers a variety of stations adapted to all needs: fully automatic machines, Supercharge, S-Mode and Q-Mode to ensure the A/C loop chares ill conditions
  • Our ClimFill® Stations feature ClimFill® Lock technology: eco-patented couplers to improve the recovery time cycle
  • Valeo stations operate on all refrigerant types: R134A, HFO 1234yf 
  • Advanced technology with new digital display with USB connection
  • A long-term investment: spare parts for ClimFill® machines with a 10-year availability guarantee (from production date)