Water pump

Valeo Water Pumps: An expert in the Engine Cooling System

Water Pump permits the coolant to circulate between the engine and the radiator, to keep the engine from overheating

Added values

Valeo Water Pumps, best-in-class quality

  • Valeo supplies the major car makers offering a Premium Quality in the Engine Cooling System
  • Water Pump range is fully in line with Valeo requirements, ensuring a design according to O.E. standards: performance, durability, thermal shock, and bearing resistance tests
  • All Valeo water pumps are submitted to harsh tests

Our Offer

Focus range on Valeo Water Pump

  • Valeo Water Pumps for all major car makers
  • More than 600 references of water pumps
  • A certified quality for an optimum coverage!
Valeo superKit

Focus range on Valeo Superkit

  • Range of 200 P/N for a very high European coverage rate (>90%)!
  •  Already visible in TecDoc
  •  Kit contains:
    • water pump
    • timing-belt: O.E. quality, it is resistant to temperature variation, water and oil
    • idler and tensioner pulleys: quality in line with Valeo standards, it guides and aligns  the timing belt perfectly. It is adapted to each vehicle’s application.
    • One fitting instruction leaflet: to help you installing the kit in the best conditions: PDF version will be visible in TecDoc by Q4 2018

Advantage of the kit

  • Easy to manage => 3 products in 1 Box: permits to replace the different parts at the  same time when one component is damaged, in order to ensure a high quality maintenance     
  • This range covers all the European fast-movers
  •  2 years warranty

Technology / Innovation

Valeo Water Pumps

  • Valeo is one of the O.E. leaders in Engine Cooling Systems worldwide
  • A diversified portfolio covering several vehicle origins applications : French, German, Asian, …
  • Superkit: an attractive current offer with a strong future development

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