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Auxiliar car radiator

Auxiliar car radiator

The most important component of a coolant module is the cooling radiator. The radiator is the main heat exchanger located at the front of the engine, or if air conditioning is mounted, behind the condenser. It transfers the heat ejected by the engine to the ambient air through the coolant.

The main function of the radiator is to redistribute heat created by the engine so that it doesn't seize up or overheat. This is achieved primarily through the radiator's design. The radiator is folded much like an accordion bellows, giving it a great deal of surface area. When hot coolant travels into the radiator, the heat held within the fluid escapes through the radiator's walls. After the radiator cools the fluid, the fluid can flow back to the engine.

This component has to keep an adequate cooling capacity for the car to maintain the optimum engine performance. It provides cool fluid to the auxiliary devices such as the oil cooler and charge air cooler. It maintains the rate of the coolant pressure and degassing, and ensures water tightness under thermal loop pressure. The radiator is designed to resist vibrations, torsions, bear pressure pulsation from the engine and corrosion from environmental conditions or worn-out coolant.


The Valeo radiators offer is one of the best worldwide and consists of 2 sub-offers:

  • Valeo Premium Range (recommended when end user wants to maintain value and quality of the vehicle)
  • Valeo Asian range (Premium range for Japanese and Korean vehicles)

Valeo has strong experience in developing Engine Management Systems products and offers the best possible technological solutions for the challenging aftermarket. Valeo offers a smart radiator range along with a complete range of Engine Cooling Products.


Valeo Aftermarket Radiators benefit from strong O.E. expertise in Thermal systems:

  • One of the widest selections in the aftermarket, with 1,500 references for radiators covering 90% of the European range.
  • Original quality products, and original design respected
  • Valeo products are available very quickly for the aftermarket
  • Innovative solutions to reduce fuel consumption, NOx and CO2 emission:
  • The Valeo radiator range is adapted to ICE, Hybrid and Electric vehicles
  • A complete Cooling Management Loop offer:
  • User friendly and qualitative packaging
  • Full package of accessories, easy fitting: for some radiators a full installation set is included.
  • A strong experience of working closely with major car makers, (quality control and performance tests according to car manufacturers' standards).
  • Traceability label for easier identification.


Valeo info:

Proper radiator maintenance is crucial. The amount of radiator fluid has to be checked and adjusted frequently to prevent the radiator from overheating and cracking. The radiator cap is also key. It keeps the system clean and maintains correct pressure in the system. To carry out the filling of the cooling loop effectively, Valeo proposes the FASTFILL® filling tool (Valeo part number: 698798) and Valeo Protectiv® liquid coolant. Valeo Protective® range protects your engine cooling loop against overheating, freezing and corrosion.

  • Valeo Protectiv® ready-to-use range: Protectiv® 35, Protectiv® 40, Protectiv® 50
  • Valeo Protectiv® concentrated antifreeze range: Protectiv® 100 and Protectiv® 112