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Car Brake Fluid

Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is the core of the braking system. It ensures that all power generated by the brake pedal, brake booster, and electronic braking systems, like ABS or ESP, is fully transmitted to each wheel. Brake fluid helps each part of the braking system to function according to specification, preserving its performance and ensuring continued safety for vehicle occupants.

Car brake fluid comes into contact with the heat generated by the friction material touching the wheel. Thus Premium brake fluid must resist high temperatures to avoid the “vapour lock” phenomenon. “Vapour lock” is a reaction that happens when the temperature inside the brake system is higher than the boiling point of the brake fluid, causing a drop in braking efficiency. This risk is why it is mandatory to regularly test the fluid in the brake system and change it as soon as the boiling point drops below 180°C. 

Valeo delivers aftermarket solutions dedicated to each application, thanks to a permanent focus on quality and innovation and its knowledge as a premium supplier in the automotive industry.

Each vehicle equipped with DOT® brake fluid has its own requirements: the selection of car brake fluid must correspond to engine power, electronic braking system, and even road conditions. Valeo DOT® Brake Fluid range provides the suitable braking fluid for most needs.


The most suitable product for each need:

  • Optimal resistance to boiling, far exceeding the required standards 
  • Variable contents according to vehicle requirements
  • Brand new packaging for optimised storage and quicker identification


Valeo Info

Brake fluid must be replaced every so often as its performance wanes over time and with use. Test the quality of car brake fluid regularly with the Valeo Brake Fluid Tester and operate a complete bleed of the system approximately every two years.


When to use each brake fluid type?

DOT4: Developed for ABS & ESP vehicles and vehicles equipped with hydraulic clutch systems

DOT4+: Developed for ABS & ESP vehicles and athletic driving

DOT5.1: For powerful vehicles. Silicone free

LHM: For Citroën specific hydraulic systems

DOT3: For traditional vehicles without ABS

For vehicles equipped with a hydraulic clutch system

LHM PSA: Complies with Stellantis (Peugeot Citroën) B712710 specification


How to use Valeo brake fluid?

  • DOT 3.4 and 5.1 can be mixed together but are not compatible with mineral hydraulic fluids. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions before refilling or changing the brake fluid
  • Fluid made from mineral LHM. Can be used in the hydraulic circuit of a Citroën car with a conventional LHM tank
  • To be used to fill or recharge the hydraulic circuit. Use as a brake, suspension and liquid PAS
  • Can only be mixed with a liquid of the same type
  • Make sure the circuit is drained
  • If mixed with DOT 3 / DOT4 / DOT 4+/ DOT 5.1 products, bleed and drain the circuit completely before refilling
  • Store in the original sealed container
  • Keep clean and in a dry place
  • Contact with dust, water, mineral oil products or other materials can render the hydraulic system inefficient
  • Do not reuse the bottle