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Valeo First Car Brake Pads

Valeo First Brake Pads

What are Brake Pads?

The Brake Pad uses the friction between two materials to convert kinetic energy into heat and thus reduce the wheel’s speed until it comes to a complete stop. As it controls the vehicle’s deceleration, brakes are one of the most important safety devices on any vehicle. The brake pad structure is made of several layers, starting with the external layer of friction material all the way to the packing plate. The surface is treated to better absorb vibrations and reduce noise. 


Valeo First Brake Pads are the best choice for efficient, durable, and good-value car brake pads. Choose Valeo First for optimal braking quality, even in extreme conditions.

The First Brake range includes more than 600 products, such as brake pads, discs, drums, and shoes. The First range covers 89% of the car parc with 100% Valeo quality.


Valeo First Brakes for Cars: The Clever Choice


A Clever Product

  • ECE R90 certified
  • Full anti-rust treatment
  • Correct number of accessories


A Clever Range

  • Top-selling car brake pads
  • High standardisation
  • Frequent additions and updates to the range


A Clever Pack

  • Easy to identify
  • Easy to stock
  • Easy to sell


Why choose Valeo First Brakes technology and innovation?

  • Valeo offers a comprehensive range of high-performance braking products, guaranteeing efficiency and silence for your safety and comfort.
  • Valeo provides the highest level of technical expertise to garages via a technical hotline, free online training, the Tech@ssist parts finder portal, and other tools for garages.
  • Valeo offers a specialist maintenance experience combining filtration, braking, wiping, and ignition.


Foire aux questions ⤵︎

Problem: Braking jolts

Check: Brake pads / calipers


  • Incorrect caliper position
  • Damaged accessory


Problem: Screeching / metallic sound

Check: Quality of friction materials


  • Fritted brake pads with high metal content = more noise

Check: Something may be stuck between the brake disk and the deflector


  • A pebble is stuck in the braking system and is rubbing against the disk


Problem: Metallic sound after braking

Check: Strap / calliper piston quality


  • Overheating

Check: Brake pad wear


  • Excessive brake pad wear


Problem: ABS indicator on / i error

Check: Disk magnetic disk with bearing, ABS track on each wheel, ABS sensor


  • The disk magnet has a damaged bearing
  • The teeth of the ABS track are damaged or the sensor itself


Key References

Key References

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301463 - CITROËN C3, C4, PEUGEOT 307
301464 - CITROËN C3, C4, PEUGEOT 207
301635 - VOLKSWAGEN, Passat AUDI A3
301649 - FORD Focus II, C-Max
301641 - RENAULT Clio III, Modus
301408 - VOLKSWAGEN Golf, Polo
301461 - PEUGEOT 206, 306
301465 - CITROËN C3, C4, PEUGEOT 207

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