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Car brake pads

Car brake pads

The best choice for car brake pads efficiency, endurance and value. More than 600 products including brake pads, brake discs, drums and shoes and 89% car parc coverage with 100% Valeo quality. Optimal braking quality, even in extreme conditions.


Valeo First Brakes for cars: the clever choice

A clever product

  • ECE R90 certified
  • Full anti-rust treatment
  • Correct number of accessories

A clever range

  • Top-selling pads
  • High standardisation
  • Frequent additions and updates to the range

A clever pack

  • Easy to identify
  • Easy to stock
  • Easy to sell


Why choose Valeo First Brakes technology and innovation?

  • Valeo manufactures a comprehensive range of high-level performance braking products, guaranteeing efficiency and silence for your safety and comfort.
  • Valeo provides the highest level of technical expertise for garages via a technical hotline, technical training, technical field promoters, e-technical assistance and various other tools for garages.
  • Valeo offers a specialist maintenance experience combining filtration, braking, wiping and ignition.



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301635 - VOLKSWAGEN, Passat AUDI A3

301649 - FORD Focus II, C-Max

301641 - RENAULT Clio III, Modus

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301461 - PEUGEOT 206, 306

301465 - CITROËN C3, C4, PEUGEOT 207