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Air purifier for truck air system and cabin purifier Valeo ClimSpray

Air purifier for truck air system and cabin purifier Valeo ClimSpray

Bactericide efficiency of cabin purifiers is often not assured. The unpleasant odours are often simply masked by a strong fragrance that may provoke difficulties in breathing normally in the Truck. Moreover, bad odours return quickly after the treatment and the proliferation of the bacteria continues.


The double action of Valeo cabin purifier ClimSpray™ begins by attacking the roots of the bacteria proliferation and then perfumes the car pleasantly. The Quality fragrance comes from a recognized European perfumery that also supplies well-know perfume brands.


ClimSpray™ conforms with the bactericide and fungicide standards: EN1040, EN1275, EN1650, EN1276 and EN13697. Quick, efficient and practical- it only takes one automatic action 15 minutes to purify your cabin. No tools needed. Easy to use for everybody.


ClimSpray™ can be used every year as the third step of the full air cleaning process in the Air Quality package (after ClimFilter™ replacement and use of ClimPur™) or more frequently depending on the usage of the car and individual needs.


ClimSpray™ respects the interior of the Truck – it is compatible with the internal surface of your cabin (plastic, rubber etc.). Formulas which do not respect this environment may leave spots and blemishes on the surfaces.