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Valeo receives awards from three major clients for its aftermarket activities

Valeo receives awards from three major clients for its aftermarket activities
Valeo has recently received awards from three major aftermarket international trading groups

The teams of Valeo Service, Valeo’s entity dedicated to aftermarket activities, strive to be Smart, Trusted and Sustainable value creators, providing their partners with a Premium Experience around the world.

This incredible performance validates the relevance of our strategy and is a recognition of the robust, trusting and lasting relationships that Valeo has built with major aftermarket players.

On March 21st to 23rd, 2023, during the Nexus International Business Forum in Montreal (Canada), Valeo won the “Supplier of the Year” award recognizing the commitment and the ability of Valeo to respond to Nexus community members’ needs. Nexus highlighted the impressive common business results in 2022 and the capacity of Valeo teams to support its initiatives and its community since its creation 9 years ago. Valeo is a founding partner of Nexus Academy, an active member of  Talented for AA, and  was more recently one of the first suppliers to contribute to the Climate Day.


Nexus Forum


During its 2023 ADI SUMMIT on May 3rd and 4th, 2023, in Como (Italy), AutoDistribution International chose Valeo for their “Supplier of the Year” award. ADI rewarded the longstanding cooperation between Valeo teams and the members of the ADI network, as well as with GrupEina, the European training and technical hotline of ADI.


Special Recognition Award

During its summit in Madrid on May 10th, TEMOT awarded Valeo with a “Special Recognition Award”. As Valeo celebrates its 100 years in 2023, TEMOT decided to acknowledge the Group’s longstanding contribution to the automotive aftermarket.


Temot Recognition

Eric Schuler, President of Valeo Service explains, “At Valeo Service, customer satisfaction is our main objective and the key driver of our teams’ efforts. We are committed to supporting our aftermarket clients.  We are proud to receive these awards from three key players of the independent aftermarket and are looking forward to deepening our longstanding and trusted relationships with all of them.”

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