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Awards Galore in Valeo’s Centenary Year

Awards Galore in Valeo’s Centenary Year
Valeo is extremely proud to have been the beneficiary of a large number of awards in its centenary year of 2023.


A Year to Celebrate


These awards have been a wonderful way to celebrate the continuous efforts being made around the globe.

Innovation, hard work, and customer satisfaction have always been at the heart of Valeo’s philosophy, and these awards prove that this commitment is as true now as it was all the way back in 1923.




The awards given neatly divide into two categories – those awarded by Valeo’s grateful customers and those awarded by the wider market and media. In the category of customer awards, the most recent ones given were at the GROUPAUTO International Supplier meeting on October 10, 2023, in Istanbul, Turkey:


  • Supplier of the Year – Heavy Duty
  • Supplier of the Year – Marketing & Workshop Support


Valeo greatly appreciated GROUPAUTO International’s recognition of Valeo’s initiatives intended for their networks, including assistance and training, price positioning, and promotions.


DOYEN award, September


At the end of September, in sunny Sardinia, Valeo attended the Doyen International Convention 2023, where they won:


  • Best Marketing


The marketing prize rewards an equipment manufacturer who – through its proactivity, sense of innovation, and collaboration with the Doyen teams – has enabled the development of its brand and its products.

Doyen representatives were particularly complimentary of Valeo’s joint marketing, training, and loyalty activities.




In May, in Madrid, Spain, Valeo was honoured at the TEMOT International Summit with the:


  • Special Recognition Award


With Valeo celebrating its 100 year anniversary, TEMOT International decided it was time to acknowledge the group’s longstanding contribution to the automotive aftermarket.




Earlier in May, this time in Como, Italy, Valeo was honoured at the AutoDistribution International (ADI) Summit with their award for:


  • Supplier of the Year


This award highlighted the longstanding co-operation between Valeo teams and members of the ADI network, as well as GrupEina, the European training and technical hotline of ADI.




Finally, at the Nexus International Business Forum, in Montreal, Canada, from March 21st to 23rd, Valeo was awarded:


  • Supplier of the Year


This award recognized the commitment and the ability of Valeo to respond to the needs of Nexus’ community members.


Surpassing Expectations…


Beyond its customers, Valeo received a long list of awards from a number of world renowned companies and associations, which highlighted its commitment to vehicle safety and innovation:


  • In October, an innovation award in the Infrastructure and Vehicle Improvement category from Sécurité Routière (the French national road safety authority) for Valeo Everguard™ wiper blades


  • In September, at the sixth edition of the Zepros Awards, Valeo was recognized with the Jury Prize for its actions in helping accelerate the global transition towards sustainable mobility


  • In June, the 2023 Auto Plus award in the Equipment category was given to Valeo Ineez, the Valeo brand dedicated to charging solutions for electrified vehicles


All of these awards in 2023 came on the back of winning a prestigious New Product Innovation Award from Frost & Sullivan in 2022 for Valeo’s Truck Clutch Kit Finder, a digital tool to help identify the right clutch kit. 


Many Thanks


Valeo wants to give its sincere thanks to all those who have bestowed awards, and hopes to repay them with even more innovation, dedication, and technological breakthroughs in 2024 and the decades to come.