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Valeo receives the Auto Moto Safety Award for Everguard™, their new generation wiper blade

Valeo receives the Car-Motorcycle Safety Award for Everguard™
On October 18, 2023, Auto Moto awarded Valeo the Safety Prize for its Everguard™ silicone wiper blades.


The editors of Auto Moto magazine rewarded Valeo's efforts to enhance road safety and offer smarter, safer, and more environmentally-friendly technologies.

This is the second award this year for Everguard which received, in March 2023, an Innovation award in the “Infrastructure and Vehicle Improvement” category from Sécurité Routière, the French national road safety authority.


Marlène Carrias-Iked, Vice-President Marketing, Digital & Innovation at Valeo Service, commented:

"We are very honored by this award from the editors of Auto Moto. Wiper blades are an essential safety component for any vehicle. They help to improve visibility by removing rain, snow, and dust. Many accidents are linked to unfavorable weather conditions. With Everguard™, Valeo contributes to the safety of road users by offering significant improvements in terms of visibility and service life."


Everguard™ silicone wiper blades offer unrivaled performance:


  • The silicone material is extremely resistant to temperature variations, ozone and UV rays, which are the main causes of rubber deterioration. As a result, Valeo Everguard™ wiper blades last twice as long as standard blades and will not crack or deform, even under extreme conditions of use
  • Silicone technology applies a hydrophobic rain protection film to the windscreen. After five minutes of operation on a dry windscreen (at low speed), the hydrophobic film is activated. In rainy conditions, the windscreen will no longer be covered by a river of annoying raindrops, but by spherical water droplets easily removed by the windscreen wipers, or simply by the air, when driving at over 50 km/h.
  • Finally, silicone wiper blades operate much more smoothly and comfortably than conventional wiper blades. Thanks to the high elasticity of the material and a special blade profile designed by Valeo, Everguard™ blades glide easily and silently across the windshield.


Valeo's Everguard™ silicone wiper blades were launched in Europe at the end of 2022 and are now available on most e-commerce platforms.


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