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Brake master cylinders

Valeo Brake master cylinders Braking Systems for LCV

Valeo hydraulic braking range consists of 86 master cylinders and 74 wheel cylinders covering all the ranges of vehicles: French, German, Asian, etc.
All Valeo Hydraulics parts suppliers follow the standards given by Valeo to deliver their products. Quality and comfort for the end–users are key.

Why are these cylinders key braking system components?
Brake master cylinder:
• Brake fluid reservoir supplying the right braking pressure which leads to the braking action
• Key components which transform the action of the braking pedal to hydraulics pressure.
• Allow the optimum flow of the brake fluid to the friction components (Discs and drums)
• Brake wheel cylinder
• Hydraulics component linked to brake drum system.
• Rear axle components fixed on the brake segment
• Braking action thanks to a piston which pushes the brake segment against the drum and stops the car
• The piston movement is due to the hydraulic pressure from the brake fluid and brake pedal action.