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How to disinfect your vehicle and protect yourself against contaminants and polluted air?


Protect yourself and your loved ones, with the perfect Air purification reflex

Pollutants, bacterias, germs, viruses are all around us. They can also easily get into your vehicle via ventilation system or other external sources like being brought via shoes or clothes. 
With its Air Quality program, Valeo proposes a complete approach of decontamination aiming 100% of the air circuit in your vehicle.  


Valeo ClimSpray™


Valeo ClimSpray™ is a powerful solution to disinfect and purify the cabin of your car against viruses, bacteria and fungi. 

Certified and approved by an independent laboratories - Valeo ClimSpray™ is compliant with virucide, bactericide and fungicide norms like: EN 14476+A2 (proving efficiency against Coronaviruses) and EN1040, EN1275, EN1650, EN1276, EN13697.

The double action of Valeo cabin purifier ClimSpray™ begins by attacking the roots of the infectious microorganism proliferation and then diffuses a pleasant fragrance in the car. 

Quick and Easy:

  • Only 15 minutes are needed to disinfect your car
  • No specific tooling - Automatic spray action
  • Simple - it can be done by anyone  

Valeo ClimSpray™ is safe and is harmless to plastic and rubber material.


Valeo ClimPur™


Did you know that the air conditioning system of your car offer ideal conditions of development to many germs, contaminants and viruses? These microorganisms could enter your cabin via ventilation grills, which anyone would like to avoid in current context COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore it is essential to ensure not only the cabin disinfection but as well the decontamination of your Air Conditioning system. 

Valeo ClimPur™ is the effective solution to purify and protect the air conditioning and ventilation system of your vehicle. 


Similar to Valeo ClimSpray™, ClimPur™ is compliant with bactericide and fungicide norms like: EN1040, EN1275, EN1650, EN1276, EN13697.

Valeo ClimPur™ has a triple action effect, it cleans, disinfects and protects. On top of these protective benefits, it is totally harmless for Air Conditioning systems, it prevents the evaporator from corroding, it eliminates bad odours and leaves a pleasant lemon fragrance.

Valeo ClimPur™ is very easy and quick to use and so efficient:

  • Only 15 minutes are needed to purify the ventilation system of your car
  • Non aggressive, curative and long duration action
  • Pleasant perfume (lemon fragrance)
  • No specific tool needed - operation done by workshop

The unique microscopic, tiny formula of Valeo ClimPur™ based on ultrafine drops maximizes the correct product distribution and efficiency and ensures that the AC loop has a perfect flow.  

Moreover Valeo ClimPur™ is safe and friendly for mechanics. Valeo ClimPur™ is non-flammable, a crucial element for ensuring safety in garages.



Did you know that air pollution can aggravate respiratory issues making people's respiratory system more vulnerable to many diseases, such as COVID-19? 

By equipping your vehicle with Valeo Cabin Air Filter technologies, you can reduce the risk of infections by creating a powerful shield to external pollutants, contaminants, pollens and allergens.

Valeo Cabin Air Filter offer is composed of different ranges adapted to large problematic and various needs of each driver or passenger of the vehicle.



Valeo Essential

Valeo Cabin Air Filter Essential

The Valeo Essential range is a first level protection, a particle filter which protects occupants from dust, pollution and particles.

Easy to fit and seal-tight, it offers protection against 99.99% of pollutant particles down to 2.5µm.

Valeo Protect

Valeo Cabin Air Filter Protect range

The Valeo Protect range based on active carbon retains in addition the harmful gases and unpleasant odours from the cabin of the vehicle.

Valeo recommends this range for all heavy traffic areas where automotive harmful gases can be filtered up to 99.99%.

Valeo Protect Max

Valeo Cabin Air Filter Protect Maxi range

The Valeo Protect Max range with enhanced protection is especially dedicated to the people sensitive to pollen allergies.

It has been proven efficient at 92% against European allergens. This filter is composed of an active carbon filter providing all its benefits, associated with a Polyphenol coating. Polyphenols are natural compounds widely present in plants and well-known for their beneficial health impact.


Valeo has recently introduced High Efficiency filtration media in its range. This offer  is based on a combined filter made of 4 layers of non-woven textile media and featuring up to 97% efficiency against micro particles down to 0.5µm. 

This new range currently covers most popular vehicles such as NISSAN Micra, Qashqai, Leaf, BMW X1, X2, X3, X4 and many more.

Driven by care and your well-being Valeo is the Air Quality partner of your car!

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