Remanufactured Starters & Alternators

Valeo Remanufactured Starters & Alternators From O.E. leadership to remanufacturing excellence

  • Valeo is a global O.E. leader in Electrical Systems 
  • 1 in 3 cars is equipped with a Valeo Starters or Alternator
  • Valeo is the main O.E. and O.E.S. partner of all major car manufacturers
  • Valeo’s European factory produces almost 100% of our remanufactured equipment

Our Offer

Certified O.E. quality

Certified by the Valeo brand and used by car manufacturers for more than 35 years

  • Valeo is the main partner of most car manufacturers in O.E.S. for remanufactured starters & alternators
  • We perform more than 40 tests during the production process to certify quality and durability
  • O.E. level testing equipment, with identical fitting and replacement operations
  • All units tested at the end of the production line

One unit remanufactured every minute across the world!

Technology / Innovation

Why choose Valeo Electrical Systems?

  • Valeo’s Remanufactured Starters & Alternators offers O.E.-equivalent product performance
  • Our high quality remanufacturing process and specifications are based on OEM requirements
  • We offer a complete and adapted range for newer and older vehicles
  • New products released instantly onto the market thanks to an efficient Time-To-Market strategy
  • Our core collection service is Europe’s best-in-class
  • Valeo is the only supplier to offer both remanufactured Hybrid technologies to the aftermarket (StArs & Re-start)


Top product references

437454 (VW Polo)
437539 (MB A-Class)
440411 (FORD Fiesta)
440238 (MB Sprinter)
440286  (CITROEN C4)
437471 (PEUGEOT Expert)
440034 (RENAULT Trafic)
437317 (AUDI A3)



436062 (CITROEN Berlingo)
455982 (PEUGEOT 208)
458228 (OPEL Corsa)
458445 (FORD Transit)
458291  (RENAULT Scenic)


New product references

440805 (TOYOTA CH-R)
440788 (CITROEN C3)
440790 (FIAT 500)
440713 (FORD Mondeo)
440804 (DACIA Duster)
440640 (VW Polo)
440674 (VW T-Roc)
440691 (CITROEN C4)



458805 (FORD Fiesta)
458789 (TOYOTA CH-R)
458806 (FORD Ecosport)
458654 (CITROEN C3)
458787  (VW Tiguan)

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