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Remanufactured Starters & Alternators for cars

Remanufactured Starters & Alternators for cars

I Care for the Planet

  • Valeo is a global O.E. leader in Electrical Systems.
  • 1 in 3 cars is equipped with a Valeo Starters or Alternator.
  • Valeo is the main O.E. and O.E.S. partner of all major car manufacturers.
  • Valeo’s European factory produces almost 100% of our remanufactured equipment.


Certified Original Equipment quality

  • Certified by the Valeo brand and used by car manufacturers for more than 35 years
  • Valeo is the main partner of most car manufacturers in O.E.S. for remanufactured starters & alternators
  • We perform more than 40 tests during the production process to certify quality and durability
  • O.E. level testing equipment, with identical fitting and replacement operations
  • All units tested at the end of the production line
  • One unit remanufactured every minute across the world!


Why choose Valeo Electrical Systems?

  • Valeo’s Remanufactured Starters & Alternators offers O.E.-equivalent product performance
  • Our high quality remanufacturing process and specifications are based on OEM requirements
  • We offer a complete and adapted range for newer and older vehicles
  • New products released instantly onto the market thanks to an efficient Time-To-Market strategy
  • Our core collection service is Europe’s best-in-class
  • Valeo is the only supplier to offer both remanufactured Hybrid technologies to the aftermarket (Stars & Re-start)



Top product references



437454 - (VW Polo)

437539 - (MB A-Class)

440411(FORD Fiesta)

440238(MB Sprinter)

440286 (CITROEN C4)

437471(PEUGEOT Expert)

440034(RENAULT Trafic)

437317(AUDI A3)



436062(CITROEN Berlingo)

455982(PEUGEOT 208)

458228(OPEL Corsa)

458445(FORD Transit)

458291 (RENAULT Scenic)


New product references



440805 - (TOYOTA CH-R)

440788 - (CITROEN C3)

440790 - (FIAT 500)

440713 - (FORD Mondeo)

440804 - (DACIA Duster)

440640 - (VW Polo)

440674 - (VW T-Roc)

440691 - (CITROEN C4)



458805 - (FORD Fiesta)

458789 - (TOYOTA CH-R)

458806 - (FORD Ecosport)

458654 - (CITROEN C3)

458787 - (VW Tiguan)

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