Valeo Window Regulators

Valeo Window Regulators - All technologies available for the I.A.M.

Valeo Window Regulators - Quality standards

  • All products supplied by Valeo respect Original Equipment (O.E.) standards for durability and performance
  • Valeo window regulators are fully tested; components are selected according to strict industrial norms
  • Specific QR codes with dedicated vehicle fitting instructions guarantee fuss-free installation the very first time

Our Offer

More than 1,510 part numbers

Bowden types

Most common technology – more than 636 bowden types 

Double Bowden Types

The newest and most innovative technology – more than 320 double bowden types 

More than 258 million vehicles covered in Europe

Scissor Systems

Mainly for Japanese and Opel applications – more than 230 scissor systems

Cable Systems

Mainly for industrial vehicles and rear doors – more than 50 cable systems


More about Valeo’s comfort & anti-pinch functions

  • Comfort function: if the window regulator is automatically activated with only one touch on the switch or key remote (depending on models), the vehicle is equipped with comfort function.
  • Anti-pinch technology: this automatic lock system reduces potential damage to the window. If the window hits something (arm, other external object) during closing, the window automatically rolls back down so as to not "pinch" the obstacle

Valeo supplies both of these innovative technologies, as featured in our catalogues alongside dedicated pictograms.

Technology / Innovation

Why choose Valeo window regulators?

  •  Passenger Cars, LCV, Trucks: Valeo window regulators can be fitted to all models
  •  Our replacement parts are also compatible with comfort function & anti-pinch
  •  Best-In-Class technical services: the QR code on box links to fitting instructions and training videos to identify and fit Valeo window regulators
  •  Enjoy the full Valeo Crash parts offer, including parking sensors, lighting, engine cooling and air conditioning



850360 For Renault
850926 For BMW


Double Bowden

850594 For Renault
850596 For Audi
850852 For BMW
850524 For VW
850580 For Skoda


Scissor systems

850362 For Renault
850063 For PSA
850363 For Renault


Cable systems

850950         For Renault trucks
850951 For Renault trucks

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