Valeo O.E. 
Engine Cooling

  •  Valeo has strengthened its position as one of the leading engine cooling manufacturers worldwide
  •  We operate more than 15 Engineering Centers worldwide 
  •  This allows Valeo to innovate and develop more efficient and environmentally friendly high performance radiator solutions
  •  Valeo supplies Car Manufacturers worldwide with O.E. plants producing radiators in Europe, Asia and the Americas 
  •  Our key focus:  reducing CO2 emissions through improved Engine Cooling Management

Our Offer


Performance through innovation: VHP Radiators

Valeo’s VHP (High Performance) radiators are developed for internal combustion, engines, hybrid and electric vehicles. Its goal? Improve cooling performance and reduce energy consumption.

This innovative technology boasts an optimized performance versus weight ratio, offering car manufacturers ideal solutions for:

  • Thermal efficiency
  • Engine compactness

Valeo VHP radiators are already in mass production for various Audi, Seat, Skoda, and Volkswagen models (e.g. A3, S1, Golf IV, Leon, Octavia, Scirocco, Yeti)


Thermal sales synergies: Intercoolers, Condensers, Fan Systems

When a car crashes, the radiator is often not the only part that needs replacing. Fortunately, Valeo offers a complete range of complementary products.

An expert on Thermal Systems, Valeo also intercoolers (200+ references), condensers (500+ references) and fan systems that your workshop may require when replacing a radiator on a crashed car.

Check Valeo’s online catalogue for more information on these products!

Technology / Innovation

Why Choose Valeo?

  • We’ve been developing innovative thermal systems since the 1950s, making the Valeo Group a recognized Engine Cooling expert thanks to its full range of high-quality products and technical expertise
  • Save time! Valeo is your one-stop-shop supplier solution for all the components linked to Air Conditioning and Thermal loops (Compressor, Condenser, Intercoolers, Radiators, Fan Systems, A/C accessories, Tooling)
  • Valeo O.E. quality guarantees effective fitting and optimal functioning for your workshop
  • Valeo Service offers an adapted logistics service, with 8 European distribution platforms and optimized pallet and container offers for fast movers


Top references

734333           AUDI A3 (2003>2008)
732885 PEUGEOT 206
732892 CITROËN C4 (2004>2010)
734332 AUDI A3 (2003>2008)
732886 PEUGEOT 206
732831 CITROËN C2
732862 SEAT Cordoba (2002>)
732872 AUDI A3 (2003>2008)
735608 CITROËN  C5, Cactus, PEUGEOT 207, 208, 307
734931 OPEL Vivaro (2006>)


New product references

701222 MERCEDES Viano (2010<)
701252 HYUNDAI i10 (2010<)
701244 OPEL Astra (2014<)
701210 HONDA Jazz (2008<)

And many more...

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