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Air Filters for Cars

Car fuel pump

The intake air quality is vital to delivering the best engine performance and optimal long-term durability. Valeo air filters stop particles from the outside air from entering both diesel and petrol engines.

Car air filters must be replaced to secure the air intake system and reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.


Valeo filters are designed to meet user needs and to provide the highest possible quality standards of filtration. Valeo air filters are designed to block particles as small as 40 microns (40µm), i.e. half the thickness of a human hair.


Valeo’s engine filter offer is designed to be easy-to-use. The car air filter range is easily identified by its blue packaging. This colour coding simplifies stock management and product identification and also highlights the system for product part numbers displayed on five sides of the packaging. These part numbers are easy to remember for both aftermarket professionals and end-users.

Valeo also caters to professionals who want to recommend additional filters when customers are placing orders, thanks to:

  • A table of the major car applications for Valeo filters
  • A cross-referencing system for every filter type is directly displayed on the packaging


Valeo Info: 

Change your air filters approximately every 15,000km (9,500 miles.)

Easy Installation