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Valeo welcomes the PHE Business Providers’ Convention

Around one hundred insurance business providers, brokers, and car rental companies gathered at the Convention organized by PHE.


Helping Transform the Industry


On 17 November 2022, the Business Suppliers’ Convention, organized on the initiative of the Parts Holding Europe Group (a major player in the distribution of spare parts and independent multi-brand repair, which include the AD International and Mondial Pare-Brise brands), was held at the Mobility Tech Center, Valeo’s brand new research center, located in Créteil, France.


The many participants, from business insurers, health insurance companies, brokers, and car rental companies, were welcomed by Éric Schuler, President of Valeo Service; Laurent Desrouffet of the General Directorate of Networks and Repair Activities for Light Vehicles; and Stéphane Antiglio, President of AD International and Parts Holding Europe.

In the preamble, Éric Schuler stated that

“faced with major developments in the sector, Valeo has set itself the mission of supporting its customers in their transformation. It is indeed essential that all the players in the chain think together to develop the products and services offered by motorists. Within a context of novelty and complexity, synergies and collaborative work are the key to success. Valeo will thus always be present to support the professionals of the Aftermarket and collectively find appropriate solutions.”



A day of discussions on the challenges of the Automobile and Aftermarket in the future


La matinée s’est poursuivie avec des interventions de qualité sur l’avenir du marché de l’après-vente automobile.


The morning continued with high-level discussions on the future of the automotive aftermarket.


Michel Forissier, Valeo's Director of Marketing Engineering, presented the evolving nature of the automotive industry and its impact on the Aftermarket. This proved an excellent opportunity to present Valeo’s vision of the car of tomorrow along with the responses that the group brings to major industry challenges, such as carbon neutrality, road safety, connectivity, and the emergence of new mobility.


Valeo’s approach to strategic topics such as electrification, Advanced Driver Assistance System technology (ADAS), the reinvention of the passenger compartment comfort experience, and advances in lighting technology were also discussed.


Marlène Carrias-Iked, Vice President of Strategic Marketing and Digital & Innovation at Valeo Service, highlighted the major challenge of training maintenance and repair professionals to respond to structural changes in the sector. She explained how Valeo, through its Tech@cademy and the digitalization of its services, such as Tech@ssist (technical support platform), intends to meet the main challenges faced by independent repairers in the maintenance and replacement market.


The afternoon also saw detailed presentations and workshops on electrification, ADAS technology, and lighting.

The participants, divided into several groups, were able to discover these technologies on actual vehicles exhibited in the technical laboratory. Many passionate exchanges came about as a result of these workshops.



Valeo and PHE, a shared passion for the automobile!


Des ateliers pratiques pour présenter les différentes technologies

Des ateliers pratiques pour présenter les différentes technologies


At the end of the Convention, Laurent Desrouffet and Stéphane Antiglio stated:

“On behalf of all the PHE teams, we would like to sincerely thank the Valeo teams for their mobilization and the great professionalism deployed in the animation of the PHE Business Contributors Convention. This event combined the vision and operational innovations of a world leader in automotive technology with the ambitions of a leader in multi-brand after-sales networks tied to insurance influencers, mutual insurance brokers, and mid and short-term car rental companies.”

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