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Valeo Infinium™, Valeo's most durable wiper blades

Valeo Infinium™, wipers with optimal durability
Valeo Infinium™: Valeo launches a new range of high performance, ultra durable and sustainable wiper blades

Wipers, a driver’s safety essential


Windshield wipers are often seen as a commodity product, but they are key to drivers’ safety. Poor visibility can cause serious accidents, so it's crucial to have wipers fixed or replaced if they're not operating properly.


According to a survey conducted in 2019 amongst end users in France and Germany by TNS Kantar, the main benefits that people expect from their wiper blades are performance and durability over time. With this in mind, Valeo has come up with Valeo InfiniumTM, a new comprehensive range available for customers to purchase directly at any specialised retail outlet (autocenters, fast fitters, glass and tyre specialists, petrol stations and car wash centers).


Valeo, world leader in wiper systems


With 100 years of experience in wiper innovation and more than 300 active patents or patent applications in Europe, Valeo is the world leader(A) in Wiper Systems for Original Equipment (O.E.). The company’s portfolio already contains a wide range of front and rear wiper blades for all price segments, covering all market requirements. With the launch of Valeo InfiniumTM, the group now strengthens its already considerable portfolio with innovative, top-level premium and ultra-premium wipers designed to offer end users the highest levels of comfort and safety when driving, day or night, in all weather conditions.


Valeo InfiniumTM, wipers with optimal durability


When dreaming up the new Valeo InfiniumTM range, the R&D team at Valeo had two objectives in mind: The first goal was to develop a comprehensive high-end range of wipers that would offer perfect performance with robust durability over time. The second objective was to ensure that the system would be highly sustainable. To this end, Valeo worked across the R&D, sourcing and manufacturing levels to ensure that only the very best technologies would be used.


For premium performance, Valeo InfiniumTM is available in four categories: Universal Front Flat blade, Upgrade Front Flat blade, Universal Rear and Exact Fit Front and Rear. Thanks to Valeo's specially created wiper-specific technologies, Valeo InfiniumTM achieves an excellent degree of wiping quality and has a lifespan up to 80% longer than a standard blade.


For ultra premium performance, the Valeo InfiniumTM + range consists of two models: Valeo Silicone and Valeo AquaBladeTM.


Valeo Silicone technology offers best-in-class visibility: The silicone wiper blade applies a water-repellent film on the windshield which guarantees increased visibility and therefore enhanced driving comfort with optimal safety as well as a lifetime multiplied by two.


With Valeo AquaBladeTM, Valeo wanted to make state-of-the-art innovations accessible to as many drivers as possible and so developed a concept to cover vehicles that were not originally equipped with this Valeo exclusive product. The benefits of Valeo AquaBladeTM include a precise distribution of washer fluid all along the blade, which offers optimal cleaning performance while not obstructing driver visibility. Optimal visibility also means increased safety. Valeo's studies show that Valeo AquaBladeTM enables to save 4 meters of braking distance when travelling at 50km/h.


You can discover the full range here


Valeo InfiniumTM, a truly sustainable range


Sustainability has been at the heart of Valeo’s strategy for quite some time now and the group is committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. The new Valeo InfiniumTM range was thus developed with the environment in mind.


In order to reduce transportation and therefore CO2 emissions, Valeo chose to favour European sourcing: 92% of Valeo InfiniumTM range is either made in France, Germany or Poland. This initiative also promotes European know-how and supports local economies while offering increased flexibility.


Significant efforts were also made towards reducing the impact of packaging, with the goal of excluding plastics and solvents entirely. Valeo InfiniumTM is therefore packed in an eco-designed box consisting solely of 100% recyclable cardboard made either using recycled wood fibres or virgin fibers from sustainably managed forests. The ink used is either water or soy-based to avoid the use of solvents.


Last but not least, significant effort was also put into minimising the packaging sizes. This enables to reduce the overall quantity of packing materials and enables the transport of more units in any given volume of shipment.



(A) 2019 Original Equipment market share in both volume and value

(B) Tested on Valeo products versus standard blades - ozone or durability tests - 2020

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