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A new range of petrol injectors enhances Valeo’s offer to the aftermarket

A new range of petrol injectors enhances Valeo's offer to the aftermarket
Valeo fulfills its commitment to extending its wide product portfolio with a range expansion of petrol injectors. In doing so, the brand reinforces its one-stop shop supplier positioning and helps distributors and their network enhance and strengthen their portfolio.
Valeo, a global powertrain specialist, is drawing on decades of experience and technological expertise in engine management systems to provide a range of petrol injectors to the aftermarket.


Valeo's offer consists of indirect injection injectors for gasoline engines and covers all the major car manufacturers on the European market.

The offer now consists of over 142 high-quality references that comply with the Group's industrial standards.

Because Valeo cares for each and every customer, the Aftermarket Specialist is committed to meeting customers’ needs and delivering the most suitable support :

- Improved visibility and readability on Tecdoc®

- Technical Hotline and Connected Assistance to get quick and professional answers about crosses, applications requirements, or fitment issues

- Technical training and promotion with our longstanding automotive professional trainers who know the aftermarket. Learn more on valeoservice.com