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ADAS technology: Valeo parking sensors

Valeo Parking Assistance Ultrasonic Sensor & Decoupling Ring
ADAS technology is increasingly key to the driving experience.


Valeo parking sensors: An essential part of ADAS technology

With each passing year, ADAS (advanced driver-assistance systems) technology is becoming ever more powerful and intrinsic to the driving experience. Whether it’s Forward Collision Warning (FCW), Automatic Parking Systems (using Valeo’s sensors), 360 vue systems (for parking and very low speed manoeuvre assistance), or lane departure warning systems (LDW), driving today is not what it was for people driving twenty years ago. Furthermore, the experience of driving today won’t be the same as it will be in years to come.


ADAS is a growing market, with 75% of new cars expected to have rear/surround cameras and ultrasonic sensors by 2025, 100% of new cars to have a front camera behind the windshield by 2025, and 5% of new cars to be fitted with a front LiDAR sensor by 2030 (the technology being used to develop self-driving cars).

Valeo's strong market position

Given the importance of ADAS, both in the present and the future, Valeo has made sure to be front and centre when it comes to providing ADAS technology to the automotive industry and currently holds a very strong industrial position in the sector.


Valeo is the global leader in both parking and driving assistance systems, with more than 30 years of high volume production, 30 million systems delivered each year, and 30% of new vehicles using ADAS manufactured by Valeo.


Ultrasonic parking sensors

One of the most important of all the advanced driver-assistance systems is Ultrasonic Parking Sensors. These sensors are fitted on the bumpers and sides of the vehicle to enable detection of any obstacles during manual parking, automatic parking, or low speed driving, such as in cities and traffic jams.


Valeo has been a pioneer of ultrasonic parking assistance since 1991, but in 2016 made even greater strides with Park4U® Remote. Park4U® Remote acts to perform both perpendicular and parallel parking through the simple use of a smartphone. Using inexpensive sensors, the Park4U® Remote detects and measures available spaces on the side of the road, and once a suitable parking space is identified, the driver is notified and the car then parks itself.


Ultrasonic parking sensors: A growing market led by Valeo


As of 2021, approximately 156 million vehicles in Europe are estimated to have been equipped with ultrasonic parking sensors, with up to 16 sensors fitted per vehicle. This leaves up to 60% of vehicles to be fitted with UPAs by 2027, in what is a quickly expanding market. What’s more, given the external placement of these sensors, the yearly UPA replacement market is estimated to be 3.5 million sensors in Europe being replaced in 2021 alone.

Valeo is one of the major parking sensor manufacturers on the market with over 1.5 billion sensors produced to date. There is still huge potential in the UPA market for years to come, as ADAS becomes the industry standard for both manufacturers and customers alike.


Valeo ultrasonic sensors: A strong & standardised range for the IAM


Valeo’s standardised range of UPAs already included 1 sensor holder and 30 sensors. Paintable sensors, together with the use of standardised sensor hardware and software, allow for a rationalised range,  while covering a broad number of car manufacturers and models. The range so far was compatible with 50 car manufacturers and 210 models reaching as far back as 2007 and going right up until the present day. It also benefits from having 100% original and captive products, along with being standardised and easy to choose and stock.


In May 2022, Valeo released even more product references for the ADAS market, with 16 new part numbers out for distribution, which will cover another 6 million vehicles in Europe, 6 car manufacturers, and 36 car models.


With a total of 46 references today, Valeo offers one of the most extensive OE ranges of parking sensors for the independent aftermarket therefore covering 56 car manufacturers and 246 models.


In an independent aftermarket that is continually expanding, Valeo has every intention of meeting all demands.


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