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Valeo Silencio™ AquaBlade™

Added Values

Valeo Silencio™ AquaBlade™

Discover the benefits of Valeo Silencio, The AquaBlade™

As the worldwide no.1 in wiper systems, Valeo brings to the Aftermarket its latest O.E. innovation : The AquaBlade™.

Valeo’s new patented wiper technology delivers wiper fluid directly onto the windshield via the wiper blades, rather than via nozzles mounted on the hood.

The windshield is wiped instantly and uniformly, regardless of vehicle speed, allowing for constant and perfect visibility.

Front-facing cameras, which are now more and more common on car windshields, also benefit from an improved field of vision.


  • 82% of drivers think AquaBlade™ is THE SAFEST SYSTEM*
  • 70% of drivers think AquaBlade™ could PREVENT ACCIDENTS*

*Source: Fraunhofer Institute IOSB study on 200 drivers.

Added values


  • No visual disturbance for the driver when cleaning the windshield, at any speed. 4 meters braking distance saved when travelling at 50km/h*


  • Washer fluid distributed all along the blade
  • The whole wiping surface is perfectly cleaned

*Source: Fraunhofer Institute IOSB study on +5500 tests in real driving condition performed.

Aquablade™ technology by Valeo


AquaBlade™ innovative wiping system for maximized visibility.

The system is made up of a sensor, software and a wiper blade featuring channels that distribute fluid through holes located along its entire length.
Since there are no nozzles, the driver’s visibility is no longer obstructed by jets of cleaning fluid sprayed across a large surface of the windshield, and cleaning quality is preserved at all vehicle and wind speeds.

The AquaBlade, a PACE Awarded Technology, is so precise that it halves the amount of fluid used, reducing the average weight of the system by 2kg, and CO2 emissions.



Valeo AquaBlade ™ at a glance

  1. Increased safety - Valeo AquaBlade ™ improves the efficiency of wiping and thus improves driver safety by reducing the braking distance of 4 meters for driving at 50km / h
  2. Best efficiency in wiping performance - the asymmetric spoiler provides perfect and even pressure on the windshield
  3. Fluid Economy - The system improves wiper cleaning performance up to 50% amount of fluid used by conventional systems.
  4. System weight reduction - The Valeo AquaBlade ™ wiper system is so precise that it halves the amount of fluid used and within it reducing the average system weight by 2kg and CO2 emissions by 0.2g.


Automotive PACE award

More about Valeo AquaBlade™?

The Aquablade™ has won 2012 Automotive PACE Award (Premier Automotive Suppliers' Contribution to Excellence) for most innovative wiper technology and was awarded also in Motortec Automechanika Madrid 2019.
The first Aquablade™ application was the Mercedes-Benz SL R231 (03/2012 > ) enabling in this car a reduction of washer reservoir by 1.7 L (gain in volume and weight) . As the consequences it helped to results in less fuel consumption and reduction of CO2 emissions.

Valeo Silencio™ Aquablade™ offer

Bringing safety technology into your drive!