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Valeo Parking Aid Range and Valeo SafeSide - Blind Spot Detection System Focus

Vehicles hiding in your blind spot are a real danger when driving at speed. The Valeo SafeSide system brings the latest blind spot detection technology to any vehicle.

What Is a Blind Spot Detection System?

Discover How Valeo Safeside Detects Blind Spot Obstacles

Blind spots are more than just an annoyance, they can be a deadly hazard when driving at motorway speeds. That’s why Valeo created the Safe Side blind spot detection system, now available as a kit you can retrofit to existing vehicles. In this 15-minute free webinar, you will learn the basics about blind spots, how blind spot detection works, what’s included in the kit, and how to properly install it.

The Dangers of Blind Spots

The areas behind your vehicle not visible from the driver’s seat are commonly known as blind spots. As safety regulations require cars to integrate more safety equipment, vehicles have become larger. The pillars holding up the roof have also become thicker while the “greenhouse” (glass area) has become smaller. Finally, the popularity of SUVs has accelerated these trends for style purposes, further increasing blind spots for drivers. 

These design characteristics have made blind spot detection a vital safety feature. Regardless of vehicle type, discover why blind spots are accidents waiting to happen. We’ll use real-world figures to illustrate this issue and explain the role of blind spots in fatal accidents. 

Principles of Valeo Safe Side

Valeo Safe Side uses a radar detector to detect obstacles in the vehicle’s blind spot. Safe Side sends a blind spot alert to the driver, thus avoiding a collision. Learn about how electromagnetic waves work and what other use cases radar has in automotive safety technology. We’ll explain the basic formula that Safe Side uses to track vehicles in blind spots.

Benefits of Valeo Safe Side

Safe Side is an aftermarket blind spot monitor that allows older cars to benefit from the latest safety technology. We’ll explain the basic principles of operation, how it was designed for easy integration into many vehicles, and why Safe Side uses radar instead of ultrasonic systems. 

Contents and Technical Information

What exactly do you get with the Safe Side blind spot monitoring system? We’ll explain the kit's contents and each part’s purpose. You’ll learn how to use the positioning tool and sensor templates to install Safe Side with the correct orientation and prep position. 

How to Install Safe Side

Like any safety system, proper installation is vital for Safe Side’s proper functioning. So what must you ALWAYS do when installing Safe Side? We’ll explain what you need to know for installation, such as where to put blind spot sensors and which directions to follow specifically for right-hand-drive vehicles. We’ll also cover the spare parts we offer for the system and which parts you may want to purchase separately for larger vehicles.

What You Will Learn in Our Webinar

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How the Safe Side system works 
  • Why Blind Spots are dangerous
  • How to make sure the Safe Side system is properly installed

We’ll also explain the main advantages of Safe Side and what’s included in the kit. Afterwards, you can download materials like technical service bulletins for installation, calibration, troubleshooting, and the differences in installing on RHD and LHD vehicles. We’ll also include a leaflet on our range of parking & driving assistance kits. 


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