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Valeo Lighting - Matrix Beam LED Technology

Automotive lighting technology has evolved over the years. Learn why Matrix Beam LEDs are a huge step forward.

What is Matrix Beam LED Technology

Learn about the Latest in Lighting Innovation

Night time driving has long required a compromise between proper visibility and avoiding dazzling other drivers on the road with high beams. Since headlamps are critical equipment for safe night time driving, a compromise-free solution was needed. This need drove the creation of Matrix Beam LED headlights, which allow drivers to maintain full visibility without affecting other vehicles on the road. In this 30-minute webinar, you will learn how matrix beam technology works and why it’s such an improvement over previous technologies.

The Evolution of Lighting Systems

Better night time visibility gives the driver more time to react to hazards. Removing the need to switch between high and low beams improves visibility and comfort. Glare-free high beam technology was the first attempt to solve this problem. Discover the mechanical components Glare-free high beams use to prevent dazzling other drivers and why it was an imperfect solution. We’ll delve into six main criteria for improving glare-free high beams.

The Matrix Beam Headlamp

One tradeoff of glare-free high beams is that they cannot block multiple vehicles from glare at the same time. Matrix beam headlights use a different technology that overcomes the shortcomings of Glare-free high beam headlights. We’ll explain the major design differences between the two technologies and how they illustrate the performance improvements of matrix beams. Learn how matrix beam headlamps work and the role of each component in the module in responding to road conditions in real-time. We’ll explain how the system detects different types of obstacles and how it can block multiple vehicles at once. We’ll show you videos of the system operation and break down the components into easy-to-read diagrams.   

Benefits of Valeo Matrix Beam

Discover the key benefits of LED headlights and how they are vastly superior to previous options. We’ll show you photos of headlamp units used in vehicles currently on the market and learn which models offer the Valeo Matrix Beam technology. As heat dissipation is always a concern for headlamps, learn how LED headlights respond to this problem and how the Valeo design further improves heat dissipation and defogging. You’ll also see how the camera stays fog-free in adverse weather conditions to ensure continued adaptive lighting capabilities. 

Valeo Lighting Systems

Valeo has been at the forefront of automotive lighting for over 100 years. Matrix Beam  headlights are the latest in a long line of Valeo lighting innovations. Today, Valeo offers a wide range of lighting products, including halogen and xenon headlamp bulbs and headlights for OE manufacturers and the aftermarket. Look for a specific part on Valeo Tech@ssist parts finder and search by model, VIN, or part number. You can also find other trainings such as an introduction to LED lighting technology.

What You Will Learn in Our Webinar

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The main benefits of matrix beam LED headlights
  • How matrix beam LED technology works
  • The differences between matrix beam and other lighting technologies

If you have any questions after the webinar, you can submit them in the Q&A section or check out the download materials like technical service bulletins on headlamps. The technical handbook on Valeo lighting systems gives an in-depth explanation of lighting systems.


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