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Truck wiper blades

Valeo optiBLADE®

Valeo optiBLADE® Trucks: made of steel for the pro.

The Valeo optiBLADE® Trucks range is the alternative offer that represents the perfect combination of a quality product and competitive positioning. This range is available in conventional technology with total of 8 part numbers from 500mm to 700mm: a small range covering all main vehicle Trucks. Three part numbers are even equipped with pre-mounted washer ramp to cover specific important applications.


The Valeo optiBLADE® Trucks range is the top choice in terms of:

  • Quality: the blades are designed and manufactured in Europe by Valeo engineers.
  • Robustness: as it comprises a 100% metal blade, a robust wiping performance is guaranteed for Truck vehicles
  • Durability: rubber blades with coating ensure an efficient and long lasting wipe, whatever the weather conditions


Please, find more information about Valeo optiBLADE® in the catalogue


The TIR® conventional blades

benefit from Valeo’s know-how as number one O.E.M. supplier and match the OE. The range is made up of 20 part numbers from 400mm to 1000mm and includes 8 sets and 12 singles for better stock rotation.


Valeo offers a complete Flat Blade upgrade program for the Heavy-Duty segment: TIR X-trm range 11 P/N, a range dedicated to truck applications which uses 9x4 mm and 12x4mm hook arms. The benefits with the upgrade from conventional to Flat Blade technology are immediately identified:

  • +20% wiping performance compared to a conventional blade, thanks to the ultra resistant structure, which functions even in extreme conditions and thanks to the homogeneous pressure provided by the blade on the windshield
  • Increase in Comfort & Safety thanks to ultra flat structure of Flat Blade technology that provides better visual comfort compared to a conventional blade
  • Easy to fit range thanks to the pre-fitted universal adaptor which makes fitting instinctive, taking a maximum time of 35 seconds

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