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Truck brake pad sets

Truck brake pad sets

Our customers are unique. Valeo has a braking solution for them all.

Discover our updated range of brake pads for commercial vehicles.


A tailor-made solution for every need


Valeo PremiumPACK™

Comfort, durability and very high quality performance.

Valeo premium quality + NRSTM technology

Durability ★★★★

More details Valeo PremiumPACK™


Valeo OptiPACK™

Easy to fit; all the accessories are included in the box.

All-in-one + optimised TCO

Durability ★★★★

More details Valeo OptiPACK™


Valeo SmartPACK™

For optimised maintenance costs: cost efficiency + best value for money

Durability ★★★★

More details Valeo SmartPACK™


Why choose Valeo technology and innovation?

At Valeo, we’re the leading braking systems specialist since 1923. Now, we’ve expanded our range of braking pads to:

  • meet every customer’s requirements, 
  • improve garages’ day-to-day servicing operations

Valeo’s brake pads are delivered in five-layer cardboard to ensure safe transportation and handling. We are the only premium brand on the market to offer pads which are sealed in thermo-shaped plastic, ensuring:

  • excellent storage conditions to prevent damage,
  • safe working conditions for warehouse workers and mechanics.

Valeo was the first company to develop flying views on TecDoc to help garages with their day-to-day  servicing operations:

  • providing the  exact composition of each product and enabling users to view all product specifications at a glance,
  • ensuring  guaranteed savings in terms of time and efficiency.