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Top column switches and control modules for trucks

Top column switches and control modules for trucks

Valeo is a global leader in switch systems, producing in Europe, Asia, America and Africa for most car manufacturers

Valeo is the O.E. (Original Equipment) and O.E.S. partner of all major car manufacturers

We develop innovative technologies released each year in Original Equipment in HMI* (Head Up Displays, Smart Faceplate, Smart Screens)

*Human Machine Interface
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For your safety, only choose the O.E. quality

Top column modules are essential safety items, as they directly control      security functions in the vehicle

Valeo products comply with O.E specifications in term of durability and performance, ensuring a long and safe drive

As 100% O.E. products, Valeo top column modules ensure an exact fit on the vehicle: no modification or manipulation required

Valeo products are tested in the most severe conditions to resist to the most extreme environments (extreme temperatures, humidity, dust, etc.

We recommend replacing safety products with O.E. quality products.


Our column switches and control modules range


Reference 645155

For Volvo Trucks FE serie / FL serie

Lighting & wiper switches

Reference 645143

For Mercedes-Benz Actros MP2 / MP3

Lighting switches

Reference 645153
For Renault Trucks


Why choose Valeo technology and innovation ?

  • All Valeo Top Column Modules sold in the aftermarket are 100% Original Products produced in Valeo factories
  • We produce a wide range of products for French, Italian, Swedish and German brands in the LCV and Trucks segment
  • We offer a full level of additional services, including fitting videos and technical support services



Top references

Single Levers

251590 - Renault

251591 - Renault

645133 - Renault Trucks

645162 - Renault Trucks

645157 - Renault Trucks

645137 - Iveco

645152 - Renault Trucks

645146 - Renault Trucks

645147 - Renault Trucks

645132 - Mercedes


New references

Single Levers

645158 - Renault Trucks

645159 - Renault Trucks

645161 - Renault Trucks

645011 - Volvo

645012 - Caterpillar

645013 - Volvo

645014 - Volvo

645015 - Volvo

645016 - Volvo

645017 - Volvo

645029 - Volvo