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Car fuel tank caps

Valeo Fuel tank caps  Security Systems for Passenger car

A secure fuel tank is key. The perfect closing of the tank guarantees safety for users in the event of a car crash, especially if the vehicle turns over.

It is also key to avoid fuel vapours and maintain a healthy and comfortable car cabin environment.

The weak point on the caps is mainly the barrel, which suffers from mechanical wear and can break in case of misuse. The quality of materials used and the barrel conception guarantee the caps durability.

This is why Valeo does not compromise on the caps material or design quality of the cap. In addition, Valeo cares for the environment by reducing air pollution and controlling fuel vapours during a complete series of tests such as the high/low pressure tightness test, high/low temperature test, temperature variation test,

closing and opening coupling operations, prolonged thermal ageing and impact test, all in order to deliver the best solution to the aftermarket.

Valeo has a large range of caps for specific application, but also offers multi-application caps.

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